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7 Secrets For Taking Your Business To A New Level


Patricia Drain knew it was time to write a business owner’s quick

guide for building value in your business when she attended a

seminar with other business owners. A frequent question asked

among the group was, “Why did you decide to start your own business?” 


Most said, “I needed to make a living.”


And Patricia remembered years ago that she would have responded exactly

the same.  When she started her first executive recruiting

company she bought herself a JOB, actually a very stressful job ,

instead of creating a business with value that could someday be



What changed her business?  Seven things.


1. She gives all the credit to a business book she read that

stressed you should work ON your business not IN it .


2. She believes you should create a turnkey environment.


3. She started making the necessary changes immediately by

stepping back and looking at her business through the eyes of a

business broker.


4. She created systems that worked from the receptionist to the

marketing strategies.


5. She started creating marketing materials that made her company

stand out from the rest.


6. Her executive recruiting firm added the contract side to the

business to add more value and she created a business plan for

the company on what it would look like when it was done.


7. Now it was ready to sell because SHE no longer was the

business.  It took on a life of its own and it had



Ironically,  a buyer approached Drain after doing a due diligence

on her company.  He said he was impressed with the “systems” that

were in place and the reputation the company had.  He said her

company seemed “unique”   and came through with an offer she

couldn’t believe.


“Sometimes we don’t realize  our own value, and the value our

business might have”  Patricia said.


She now helps other business owners build value in their

companies and has written a book that compliments those

consultations entitled, “7 Secrets For Building A Business That

Has Value,” a quick guide for entrepreneurs, business owners and

business leaders who want to take their business to the next



She has consulted with business’s as small and varied as a

two-man basket company to The Del Webb Corporation to Universal

Studios .


“ I do prefer small to mid size companies however because there

is less politics and bureaucracy within.  I also  realized  that

not everyone could afford one on one consultation, so  I

developed Seminars that any business owner could afford. Each

seminar is focused on business owners, leaders, and

entrepreneurs, that want to add value.  Different speakers, such

as a business brokers,  tax accountants,  business attorneys are

presenting material that will help owners think out of their

box,” explained Drain.


Her other books  “Hire Me, Secrets of Job Interviewing” an

international best seller in seven languages,  and “I love

Myself” a children’s book and tape on self esteem can be found on

her web site.


She is in the process of building three more companies,

Corporate Search Group another executive recruiting firm which

she owns with her daughter Pamela Mulroy CPC , Changing Times

Seminars A  professional seminar and keynote speaking business

and  Gilbert Thomas Press  her publishing company that publishes

books tapes and a large product line.  All of these companies are

dba’s under Patricia Drain and Associates Incorporated.


Patricia can be reached for an interview or keynotes for

Building business’s with value,  Adapting to change, and Self

Esteem at  or by emailing  or calling: (602) 653-6635.



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Patricia Noel Drain is the co-founder of MAXIMIZING SUCCESS, INC.

The next Life changing Wealth Building Bootcamp will be held in

Phoenix AZ Oct 28-30 2005. For more information go to  and tell them Patricia sent you.

Ms. Drain is an international author and speaker living

in Arizona. Visit her at   and

check out her new book, “"HIRE ME! Secrets of Job Interviewing"