October 24, 2003



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New Website Reveals

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King, NC - - MyDiabetesAtoZ.com is a new website that offers help to the estimated 100 to 120 million people with diabetes worldwide, their family and friends. Considering for a moment that the average visit to a physician is about $65.00 (for maybe 15 to 20 minutes of their time), a visit with a certified diabetic educator averages $100/hr. and a visit with a dietitian also averages $100.00/hr., this website is well worth a visit.


“If you were to go out and try to gather this information yourself it would cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars,” said Janet Smith, website creator and diabetic since 2 ½ years of age, “not to mention the fact you would not be able to find some of the information written in my book, “AAA Success Formula for Diabetics; Simple Secrets to A Happy and Healthy Life.”


The website at www.mydiabetesatoz.com contains a wide range of information. For example, visitors will discover research from the World Health Organization; in the United States alone, approximately 17 million people have diabetes. Of these, eight million have been diagnosed with diabetes, another eight million have the disease but are undiagnosed and a new case is diagnosed every minute.


Diabetes significantly increases an individual’s chance of premature death and often changes his lifestyle dramatically -- yet half of all Americans with diabetes do not know they have the disease. Diabetes is the number one cause of amputations in America today.  Kidney failure, and blindness are among a variety of complications caused by poor control of diabetes.  Early detection and treatment has been shown to reduce the likelihood of complications.


Yet even in this age of new technologies and more medical information than ever available on diabetes, diabetics still have a very difficult time living a healthy, well-adjusted, happy life.  For many, the trials and tribulations of living with diabetes seem endless.  Sadly, there has also recently been a rise in the number of newly diagnosed patients with Type II diabetes.


Visitors to MyDiabetesAtoZ.com can find out Type 1 Diabetes Signs, High Risk Factors, Type 2 Diabetes Signs, What Causes Diabetic Symptoms and more.


MyDiabetesAtoZ.com also offers guests a chance to learn more about Smith’s book, “AAA Success Formula for Diabetics; Simple Secrets to A Happy and Healthy Life, ” and “Diabetes A to Z,” cutting edge newsletter. With the book, available for immediate purchase and download, readers will:









“Implementing the changes in lifestyle required for good control of diabetes can often seem overwhelming to the diabetic.  Almost every aspect of a person’s life is affected by diabetes.  Anger, denial, and depression are common with the diabetic.  They often give up and just “get by” in life until complications and eventually death occurs,” said Smith.  “With the right healthcare professionals and with a specific how-to formula for implementing the knowledge gained about managing diabetes, diabetics can live a long, healthy, well adjusted life.”


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Visit MyDiabetesAtoZ.com to learn more about diabetes and diabetics' management and to sign up for a free 5-part mini-series, "How To Avoid Diabetic Complications.” For more information, contact Janet Smith , AJ & Associates, PO Box 1221 King, NC 27021. Call: (336) 587-6601/ Visit http://mydiabetesatoz.com and email: Janet@Mydiabetesatoz.com .

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