January 15, 2004

For Immediate Release

Contact: Katharine Moore

German Village Society (614) 221-8888


German Village Society Revamps Website


Columbus, OH – Tradition plus technology equals keeping up with the times for the 44-year-old German Village Society, housed in the renovated German Village Meeting Haus at 588 South Third Street, just south of downtown Columbus. The Society, with over 400 members, is revamping their website with the help of Breakpoint Interactive.


Breakpoint’s owner, Braddley Addams, a German Village Society member and long time past resident of German Village, just moved his business into the area on 468 City Park Ave. “I don’t think their old website reflected the charm and flavour of what the Village is all about. It didn’t fit.”


Addams is not only customizing the new site, he is making it compliant with section 508 for handicapped accessibility. In other words, the site will have a document title and proper description, no redundant tags, etc. Just as brick-and-mortar buildings need to be handicapped-accessible, Addams believes websites will similarly follow suit in the near future.


But there is much more to the site than advanced technology. Representing the people and residents of 233 acres, the German Village Society is a revenue generator via multiple audiences; tours, members, historic preservationists, students and general visitors. And their site needs to address each group; for example, it needs to offer a map, parking locations, visitor center information, how to get a parking permit, events’ calendar and more.


“The site needs to have a clear and cohesive fashion,” said Katharine Moore, executive directive of the German Village Society. “It takes a lot of hits.”


The Society appreciates their new site and welcomes visitors to keep an eye on www.germanvillage.com as it changes to the new format.


“It was a real relief to be able to use Bradley’s expertise,” said Moore.




In celebration of the new site, Breakpoint Interactive is offering a free initial project or website review consultation. Breakpoint Interactive offers a wide range of professional web design and development services to establish or enhance presence on the World Wide Web. They work with a team of qualified specialists in web design, multimedia development, copy writing and database-driven applications to assist in this process. And they use leading edge design and development programs, innovative graphics and imaging software and the latest in computer technology.


For more information, contact Braddley Addams at Breakpoint Interactive, 468 City Park Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Call: (614) 527-2547 or e-mail: b.a@breakpointi.com or visit online at http://breakpointi.com .