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Hot Tips on Content and Syndication for Your Blog



A blog is an excellent way of establishing yourself and setting

up shop on the Internet today. And it’s popular among companies

of all sizes, including giants like Microsoft, as well as

authors, associations and consultants, according to  B.L.

Ochman*, Internet marketing strategist and blogging consultant

to Fortune 500 companies, including IBM and Cendant.


The main reasons for setting up blogs are generally to get

online traffic and do business. And to do both, you need to get

the right content on your blog and syndicate.


"We have found that most people with websites, whether for

profit or fun, who want and need more traffic, are simply out in left

field when it comes to creating and syndicating powerful content to

drive targeted traffic back to their sites" says Jack Humphrey,

managing partner for Content Desk and its cousin site, Content

Propulsion Lab,  membership sites for creating websites and content

and for syndication.


Get the right content and syndicate with these blogging tips:


1. Design - Blogs are simple to set up. But make them look

professional with a nice template or header, coordinating color

scheme and good navigation panels.


2. Focus - Stick to one topic. And grow your blog around this



3. Creativity -  Use multimedia to attract your website

visitors. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix in some digital

images, audio and video with your written content.


4. Income – Incorporate some ads, sponsors, affiliate and

reseller products into your blog content, too, for an extra

boost to your ROI (return on investment). Turn those extra

clicks into extra money.


5. RSS – Make sure to have your RSS feature activated on your

blog so that you can syndicate your content. And submit your RSS

feed to directories.


6. Articles – Write articles about your blog’s theme, and

syndicate them by submitting them to article directories on the



So keep in mind content and syndication tactics to make the most

of your efforts. And take care when setting up blogs.


"Most people have no idea how easy it is to promote their sites

with the right tools and the right people helping them to understand

what online marketing tactics really work and what tactics they need

to steer clear of," Humphrey added.


Humphrey’s Content Desk features new tools for creating

Wordpress sites almost instantly with a powerful 3-step site

installer, plug-in package and templates. His Content Propulsion

Lab is where all the tools, techniques and teaching are, in one

place, so that members learn how to create and syndicate all

types of content; audio, video, articles and more.


To learn more about content creation and syndication tactics,

head to Content Propulsion at:  .

To learn more about Wordpress blog creation and tools for

automatic content creation and syndication, visit Content Desk

at:  .



* “Straight Talk About Blogs: Do You Really Need One?” by B.L.

Ochman September 14, 2004,




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