April 26, 2004



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Salisbury, NC –  “Brian,” the debut album is hot off the press for Brian Rogers of Salisbury, North Carolina. It features a variety of music for everyone; Pop, slow sultry ballads like, “It’s Gotta Be,” hip-hop dance tracks (“Work that trailer – REMIX”) and R ‘n’ B.


“With a style of music and persona that reflects a little “Justin Temberlake,” the album features 13 songs including, “Feel the Love,” Roger’s first release from when he was only 15 years old,” said Willie Turner, recording and producing manager at DigiZone Studios in Salisbury, North Carolina.


Rogers went into the studio for the first time when he was 15 and has been hooked ever since. And like many singers he started out in the church singing gospel. His most memorable experience was when he performed in front of an audience of about 3,000 people where he received a roaring, standing ovation and he's been going strong ever since. His main goal is to improve as both a writer and a singer and share his gift with as many people as possible. And he wants to continue to strive to be the best in his field.


Rogers recently sang in a showcase event that benefited the American Cancer Society. No stranger to the music industry, his parents are also musicians. His mother sings in the church choir; his father is also a song writer and singer, on the road for 10 years.


“I wanted to write and sing my own music,” said Brian Rogers, “And have been doing that strong now for about seven years.”

Contributing artists include are David Ramsey, Sheldon Sloan, Darrin Carr, Echo, Dre Rock, Grammer, and Brooklyn.
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