August 02, 2005



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Adsense Crashers: The BAD Boys



Kingwood, TX – Just about everyone who’s earned revenue from

Google Adsense is probably aware of the recent drastic changes in

Google Adsense policies and regulations. Many large revenue

streams generated from Adsense stopped flowing almost overnight

when the Google wheels of progress were set in motion, especially

the wheels of the “Virginia Man.” *


The Virginia Man was pulling in over $10,000 a month from Adsense

(almost $400 a day). He bought a new Mercedes Benz Convertible

for his wife using his Google Adsense earnings. But the next

thing he knew, that income was down to just $10 - $20 a day. In

fact, last month, he could barely afford to fill her car with



And the really sad thing is, he's not alone.


Enter two gents who crash this Google Adsense party. They know

that some of the attendees have earned lots of revenue bucks in

the past from Adsense, like hireCentral, and * However, there’s a negative spiral in motion.


They overhear comments from a lot of "big players" in the search

engine optimization (SEO) crowd, like:


1) Pages are taking longer than ever to get indexed


2) Adsense earnings per domain are down and


3) Entire domains are getting de-indexed almost overnight.


For many, it's their worst nightmare come true. But not for the

two “BAD” boys, Adsense party crashers, Keith Baxter, SEO expert,

and Ryan Deiss, co-founder of, AKA Baxter and

Deiss or “BAD” boys. Each gent came with his own unique method of

generating more cash from website visitors. The party crashers

recorded a two-hour-plus training call sharing their Adsense

secrets and called it, “Beyond Adsense.”




The 120-minute "Beyond Adsense" teleconference training call

shares insider secrets like how to roll out fast high quality

products in  virtually any market in under 24 hours, how to earn

even when website visitors don’t spend, and much more. Some of

their ideology has caused much controversy and led many smart

niche marketers to rethink their business models.


The recorded call comes with several bonuses. There’s a 90-minute

bonus Q&A audio session where the BAD boys answer all the

questions they received following the "Beyond Adsense" training

call. Plus Step-By-Step training videos are included, where Ryan

walks you through their "feeder site/landing page" model and even

gives you real world examples you can copy for your own sites.


Beyond Adsense also includes an exclusive Resource Guide,  Vendor

Rolodex,  examples of LIVE webpages that you can model,

fully-edited transcripts of both the "Beyond Adsense" training

call and the bonus Q&A Training Sessions. A javascript redirect

code is also tossed in (with installation instructions); it’s

what the gents used to convert their Directory Generator and

Traffic Equalizer pages into feeder sites (a must-have code).




Keith Baxter is directly responsible for the successes of three

of the hottest search engine manipulation programs on the market...

Ranking Power, Niche Monster, and Traffic Monkey. He founded one

of the most respected traffic and SEO how-to mastermind groups

still active on the Internet today, featured at . And he runs a new video membership site

called and is a regular "Top Affiliate"

for many programs offered through Commission Junction and



Reiss operates successful Internet marketing membership sites, is

the author of a number of top-selling ebooks and speaker at some

of the biggest Internet marketing events in the industry. He

refers to himself as a “closet SEO and Adsense junkie” and

currently operates websites in over 300 niche markets.


Finally, two street smart backgrounds, two professional party

crashers arrive to help share Adsense secrets. Two Google Adsense

heroes, the BAD boys.



* From Keith Baxter,, 2005

** Case studies on Google’s Adsense site at









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