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Increase Work-At-Home Income By Teaming Up Online


Approximately 400,000 Americans, 2.5 million people worldwide,

have Multiple  Sclerosis (MS), a chronic, unpredictable, nonfatal

disease of the central nervous system that leaves many to seek

work-at-home opportunities. And nowadays, that means online, with

great new resources like Content Desk, an Internet content syndication

center and a source of high-quality, targeted content for websites.


“Tools, resources, tips, advice, feedback and strategies of the

members are openly shared,” explained Clay Cotton, stricken with

MS in 1990, who turned to Internet marketing for his livelihood.

“While in other contexts, i.e. with other membership sites, they’d be

stored away.”


Content Desk has a variety of tools to help members create and

use all types of content from articles, reports, facts, tips,

newsletters and forums, to blogs, audio, video, interviews, product reviews,

creative writing, public domain information, RSS and more. Some of their

tools are downloads and videos, while others are online

applications and knowledge shared through learning. And learning

is offered in the form of videos, articles, help texts, tutorials, member

sharing and seminars / workshops.


Power packed, Content Desk is a helpful tool for Cotton who

struggles to live productively while facing increased limitations

including numbness, tremors, slurred speech, weakness and

fatigue. He prefers to use his “altered abilities,” like those offered

by his Content Desk membership, instead of being referred to as

one with “disabilities.”


“You sure wouldn’t tell Helen Keller she had disabilities!” added

Cotton,  founder of Alter-Abled at He has played

Piano on record, on stage and on tour with music legends like Mick

Jagger, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Hank Williams

Jr., B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt, Chuck Berry, Boz Skaggs and scores

of others. “I like to think of myself as having altered abilities.”





The Content Desk membership community communicates via their

private forum, virtual conferences, teleconferences, email,

support desk, workshops and new Mentor / Sponsorship Program for

members to team up. And the exclusive online community focuses on

four things; community, learning, technology and profits.


Content Desk membership fees go right back into development of

new software and tools so that members are always on the

cutting-edge and far ahead of all the "point-and-click" site

builders out there.


Cyber-brains behind the Content Desk scene are the “Power Trio;”

Jack Humphrey, Mark Braunstein, and Peter Lenkefi. These three

renowned visionaries found themselves smack dab in the middle of

the emerging, fledgling web publishing industry.




One of the best tools to come across Cotton’s cyber Content Desk

lately is Skypeä.   A peer to peer voice service, Skypeä users

may call landlines and cell phones for a fee; users may call each

other for free.** With a headset, Skypeä frees up awkward and

fatiguing equipment handling of ordinary telephones and cell

phones for people with MS.


“The audio fidelity is incredible. It’s so crisp and clear. No

scratchy technology,“ explained Cotton. “My business has grown

leaps and bounds thru contacts in Skypeä.”


And because of Cotton’s warm, friendly and helpful interaction

with Content Desk members, the partners set up a special area of

their forum just for Skypeä. And Cotton is the moderator of that



“Content Desk is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” said

Cotton. “It’s a wonder, the brilliance of the conceivers of this.

It’s a limited membership with people dedicated to helping each

other succeed online. That tribal consciousness, ‘no one will be

left behind’ really impresses me. ”




To help others learn more and earn more, regardless of a

membership in the online group, Content Desk is hosting a 3-day

seminar / workshop in New Orleans from Sept. 9-11, 2005, with a

full year of support follow up afterwards. The focus is, “How To

Triple Your Income With Irresistible New Content

Publishing, Traffic Building and Sales Conversion Techniques -

The Three Proven Keys To Internet Success."


"Son of a gun, we're gonna have big fun, on the bayou…”


For more information, visit Mardi Gras  . To learn more about Content

Desk and check on the availability of limited openings at Content

Site Builder, visit  . Join hundreds

of publishers and writers in creating and syndicating your

content at Content Propulsion Lab  .

Visit   for help.



* And every week about 200 more people are diagnosed, according

to the National MS Society. Source of MS info is the National MS

Society at

**As noted on home page of




By Diana Barnum, CEO of the Ohio Help Group at  . For more help with marketing, public

relations and writing, email

or call: (614) 529-9459. Note: Content Desk members may

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