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Tweak Away with These 20 Copywriting Tips & Tricks


To help increase your sales, take a look at your copywriting and see if you can make improvements. Often small improvements can result in a much better conversion rate.


In short, as this quote from successful businessman David Ogilvy says, “If you're trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language in which they think.”


So go over these tips and see where you can use better language: revise, tweak, edit and otherwise improve your sales efforts.


1. Evaluate your copy. Evaluate repeatedly, over again, until you have it nicely polished, and ready to print. Ask a business contact to read it while in exchange, you read his or her copy.


2. Use shorter words for longer ones.


3. Insert facts, quotes and statistics where possible. These often have more impact than information.


4. Steer clear of witty or obscure phrasing. You want the reader to have clarity of understanding what you mean, rather than to keep them guessing. Say what you have to say in the simplest or most direct of terms. Be concise and to the point.


5. Use straightforward paragraphs and short sentences. Take care to state facts and real figures. Choose not to talk in percentages, but rather state real sums of money.


6. Focus on the advantages and benefits your client will receive from their purchase.


7. When copywriting, do not be overly concerned about the number of words you use while writing. Studies have shown that longer copy sells more products than short copy. Start with short copy, if you like, then add more pages, more depth to your communications.


8. When writing copy, make your words talk with the ease of presenting one-on-one; speak to the customer in their language. In other words, when you are sitting there trying to figure out what to say, just imagine you are sitting there talking to a trusted family member or friend about the product, this should put you right at ease.


9. Copy writing is much easier if you can visualize your audience and then just write to them.


10. Good copy has a sense of quality that is childlike because of its simplicity. Write so anyone can understand your copy and it will come across so much clearer.


11. Read and study the masterpieces of writing by famous advertising authors whose work has paved the path for you and other copywriters.


12. Test everything that comes to mind; write it out if it comes to in a flash or in a simple wave of clarity. Use the positive tested phrases in your copywriting.


13. Write and write, then re-write. Practice does make perfect.


14. Be open to refreshing concepts and ease them into your copywriting while not upsetting the flow of writing.


15. Employ the use of bullets or check lists while copywriting, do not be afraid to use plenty of bullets or check lists.


16. Remember use of FREE, NEW, SECRET, GUARANTEE, PROFIT and YOU are all eye catchers. Heat up your copy with words that reach and grab the reader's attention.


17. You have to place a call to action in your copy to motivate the customer to act, if the customer is not drawn to act on your call, sales may be lost.


18. Gather up some testimonials for use in copywriting. Studies have proven that testimonials grab more reader attention than any other factors combined. Testimonials set the stage for credibility.


19. Always remember in copywriting that you've got almost as much pull with the ending P.S. message for sales attraction as you do with coming up with a killer headline. Your P.S. copy should sum everything up nicely so readers are immediately drawn to answering your call for action.


20. Know your product.


“Good copy can't be written with tongue in cheek, written just for a living. You've got to believe in the product,” David Ogilvy.


So give your copy a good inspection and make improvements where you can. Then put your best sales copy foot forward and get back out there and sell!




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