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Back-to-Basics: The Top Four Focal Points of Websites


Keeping up with Internet marketing techniques and strategies,

like the latest pay per click (PPC) methodologies, can be tough.

Many people get so wrapped up in learning them and adjusting

their business plans and operations to squeeze them in, that

they forget to use basic marketing skills.


As a basic refresher, here are four popular focal points that

attract website visitors. Remember to incorporate them into your

websites to get visitors to return often.




People want the latest news.  So offer some; write news

features, add news articles authored by others, and add XML /

RSS feeds or other news links. Search popular engines for

sources to add that match your theme and theme. Invite your

readers to share their news with everyone, too. Many out there

would love the opportunity.


Original Content


Website visitors also enjoy finding unique content. So add

articles, video clips, digital photos, audio clips…plenty of

your own materials to spice up their visits. And invite your

readers to submit their content for your review, giving them a

byline so they can get a little publicity in the process while

linking up your sites. Regularly visit other sites for more

ideas on how to improve yours.


Contests  / Awards


Host contests and annual awards. Many people love challenges and

competition, (and an award for their own business) and they’ll

check back for results and new prizes and awards to win. Tie all

of them in with your theme, though. For example, if you have a

pet site, maybe offer a coupon for $20 worth of pet toys to the

winner and not a book about space travel.  And offer services a

full-color award banner for their sites that say something like,

“Top Affiliate Sales of the Year.”


 No-Cost Stuff


People surf the web to fins lots of freebies. So give them some

on a regular basis. You could offer no-cost software downloads

and trials, a sample service package, complimentary products,

reports and e-books. Match what you’re giving away with your

theme. And go slow and steady; i.e. no need to give everything

away at once. Spread your gifts around, offering only a couple

of items per month.


So yes, keep learning the latest! But don’t forget the basics.




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