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Creating Return Customers


While one sale is great, aren't multiple sales better? And what is even better than multiple sales, is if the same customers keep returning to purchase again and again. These are known as repeat customers.


Repeat customers are often referred to in the business world as the best, perhaps because they are considered among the easiest sell of all. They already know what you have to offer and how your business is run. Plus they already have a deep trust in you and your products.


The question is, how do you turn that one time customer into a repeat customer? Here are some popular ways today:


1) Mailing Lists - Mailing lists are a crucial part of any business, if you don't have your own, it's high time you start one. Your customers should be placed in your mailing lists, of course, only with their permission. Then regularly send your subscribers articles about your industry along with timely news and product / service updates.


Everyone loves freebies, and free information is the best… so keep your newsletter free. This allows you to instill trust and establish yourself as an expert in your particular field.


2) Product Themes - So, you've sold a product that is categorized in a specific niche. Now, you want to sell more. The key to this is creating a theme of that niche. You will find it far easier to sell your customers on something related, yet different to the products they've already purchased, than something completely different altogether.


This doesn't mean you have to find a new field of expertise, simply make sure products are somehow interconnected and provide a smooth transition. For example, if you were trying to sell a product about improving your home-based business, you could try to cross sell products that focus on the topic of time management and business organizational tips.


3) One Site, One Stop - Having all your products grouped together categorically on your website, makes things so much easier. This way you can introduce new products, as well as maintain the older ones within your niche. Plus it makes spreading the word about your product line that much easier with everything all together in one place.


4) Remain in Contact – Don’t just reach out to customers when there is a problem. Communicate over time offering news, free stuff, links to articles that could help them with their businesses, etc. And don’t forget you can reach out through the telephone, Skype, Yahoo or other messenger services and other ways, too.


You can also use the same methods to ask for testimonials or feedback on products and services. By keeping your clients and prospects involved in your business through suggestions, feedback and testimonials, you are ensuring that they will remain loyal and satisfied customers.





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