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Easy Affiliate Marketing



Promoting affiliate programs is one of the easiest ways to get

into business online. No need to worry about products to create,

package and price. No need to worry about building a complete

website either. Just send people to the seller.


Can’t get much easier than that! In fact, check out a couple

quick and easy resources and strategies that can help with your

affiliate sales.


Splash Page / Ezine / Ads


No, you don’t need a website, but how about a page to capture

names and email addresses for your own use, before you send

visitors off to the seller? This way you can get a chance to

build a relationship with your prospects and buyers for repeat

attempts at that first close and on to additional or repeat

sales in the future, and referrals.


Make the best of your opportunities by  either seeking

professional web page building help or doing it yourself. Head

to to post your project and hire help, for example.

Or grab a library book or surf the Internet for help creating

your own HTML page, or see about using software like Microsoft

Frontpage or an online company like to build.


When people subscribe to your splash page above, start sending

them a weekly newsletter or ezine. Include content about what

you are trying to sell, a feature or review article, for

instance, on the product. And insert your affiliate link to the

product you’re promoting with a digital photo or other graphic

or banner, if possible, in full color.


Mix in some other advertising throughout your ezine promotions

for extra return on investment (ROI) of your invested interest,

time, energy and marketing. Popular strategies include using

programs like Google Adsense and Clickbank products.


For a plug-in system with all the above and more, head to Keith Baxter’s

Easy Net Marketing Profit System at . Get a

business plan of action complete with website, products, splash

pages, follow up ezine for each product, Adsense, Clickbank and

other opportunities all rolled into one with only about a one-

to two-hour learning curve to get all set up.


Articles / Audio / Video /


Write and submit articles about your affiliate products to

online article directories and offline media (magazines,

newspapers, newsletters, TV, radio). And include a link to your

splash page in your byline or article, if possible. Then spice

up your articles, splash page and ezine with multimedia, adding

links to your audio / video content.


For help learning more about the latest multimedia and website

techniques and strategies today, head to Jack Humphrey’s Content Desk

and Content Propulsion Lab. These sites are for “Do It Yourself”

companies who would love the benefits of easy step-by-step

content site building, monetizing and promoting systems for the

best ROI, and high-end Public Relations firms with low-end

budgets, online at  and  .





By Diana Barnum, president of Moving Ahead Communications.

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