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Improve Your Campaigns with Good Site Prep


If you are going to start a new marketing campaign or would like

to improve an old one, start by checking out your website.  By

preparing your site with a few basic techniques before you spend

more time, money and effort on the campaign that promotes it,  

your chances of success can improve.


Basic site prep should include:


 Loading Time – Test to make sure that your web page will load

or come into view online within 12 seconds. Internet viewers

tend to get bored or anxious, and like to move on quickly,

avoiding technology issues like slow downloads.


Meta Tags – These are still important for some search engines.

So make sure to include these on your website pages. Search for

tips on maximizing these, if you like, but at least mention your

basic keywords in your tags.


Animations – On important sales pages, leave off animated

graphics that can pull reader attention away from your sales

copy and call to action.


Images – Set up all images for maximized fast loading. No need

to skimp and leave these off, as images do help sell products.

Even if you are selling an ebook or other electronic-delivered

product, a nice graphic image can definitely increase your

return on investment (ROI).  Just test and make sure to use the

smallest image possible or adjust the dimensions and tags for

quick loading.


Spelling and Grammar – Make your site sing with professionalism.

Have someone in the native language of your target audience look

over your site; conducting a spell and grammar check, and

reading the sales copy for a smooth flow that makes sense.


Menus / Ordering – Test and make sure you can order from your

site. Make sure the navigation makes sense and is easy to use

for all levels of Internet users.


Skip these steps by taking advantage of super online companies

that offer convenience and loads of help with site set-up like:


Content Desk Systems


For help learning more about the latest multimedia

and website techniques and strategies today, head to

Jack Humphrey’s Content Desk and Content Propulsion Lab.

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Easy Net Marketing Profit System


For a plug-in system with all the above and more,

head to Keith Baxter’s Easy Net Marketing Profit System at . Get a business plan of action

complete with website, products, splash pages, follow

up ezine for each product, Adsense, Clickbank and

other opportunities all rolled into one with only

about a one- to two-hour learning curve to get all

set up.


In closing, make sure to prep your site before you begin

a new or revised campaign. Use some helpful tools, tips,

training and technology, and increase your chances of success

in just a couple of clicks! 







By Diana Barnum, president of  .

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