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Improve Your Campaigns with More Site Prep


It only takes a little tweaking to improve your chances of

success with your new or revised campaign. To help tweak, here

with a few basic copywriting techniques to review.



Headline, Lead - Grab the attention of your readers. Check

out headings and leads in top newspaper stories for examples.

Head to or Yahoo! News for more ideas.


Body of Sales Copy – Continue on and keep the attention of your

reader with a well developed idea along with complete

information about your product or service. Keep in mind that

what you are selling your prospective customer is something that

benefits them.  So words like YOU are important; highlight them

or put them in italics.  And create a bullet list of complete,

well-rounded features and benefits or your product or service,

not just something like, “this will save you money.” Instead,

describe EXACTLY how much money it will save. 


Testimonials – People want to know that they are not guinea

pigs. They want to know that your product or service does work

and is good.  So do make sure to sprinkle some of these comments

accordingly in your sales copy.


Extras – People love freebies, especially on the Internet. So

add a compatible report, ebook or other no-cost bonus in with

your ad campaign.


Action Words – Don’t forget your call-to-action! Insert words

like: Order today, Don’t miss the deadline, Take advantage of

this immediate delivery and improve now, Get yours while

supplies last, Subscribe now and get this Bonus report at no

cost, etc.


Helpful Resources


Public Library / AWAI


For detailed help, pick up good copywriting books from the local

library. Also check out local and online writing courses to

enroll and sharpen your writing skills.  A good place for

correspondence courses is the American Writers &

Artists Institute, many described here:


EAN Profit System  


Cut to the chase even faster by getting help with super

resources on the web today like a plug-in system with all

the above copywriting elements and more, Keith Baxter’s

Easy Net Marketing (EAN) Profit System at . Get a business plan of action

complete with website and copywriting, products,

splash pages, follow up ezine for each product, Adsense,

Clickbank and other opportunities all rolled into one with

only about a one- to two-hour learning curve to get all

set up.


So improve your chance of success with your new or revised

campaign with a few basic techniques. Use some helpful tools,

tips, training and technology, and increase your chances of success

in just a couple of clicks! 






By Diana Barnum, president of  .

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