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Timely Business Tips


Sometimes a few timely tried-and-true business tips can help

save a lot of time, money, frustration and headaches. Experiment

with some of these to see how you can help your business and

yourself at the same time.


American Automobile Association (AAA)– Save yourself some time,

money and more by joining an automobile or other travel-related

club like the popular AAA. These clubs offer a variety of

discounted products and services. And they can help with a lot

of your planning and business activities like scheduling travel,

booking fares, rentals and rooms, not to mention helping you

with problems that may arise while traveling; for example, when

you reach your destination and the hotel you chose has

overbooked, or you find yourself locked out of your vehicle,

with a flat tire or out of gas. Handy help in a jiff can mean a

lot when you’re far from home. And you don’t want to neglect

insurance packages while traveling. An illness or accident could be costly

without protection.


Automation – Get help for your business, too, and automate what

you can.  For example, use autoresponders for pre-sale and

after-sale communications, digital tracking to monitor your ROI

(return on investment),  delivery solutions, list management,

autoresponder series, electronic coupons, affiliate programs, a

progressive shopping cart software solution and more. Check out a

variety of services, pricing packages and options for

your company growth.


Content Creation & Management  - Stop trying to keep up with

everything on your own. Since your business will always need

updated with the latest content, get help learning more about

the latest multimedia and website techniques and strategies

today at a membership site designed to do the work of keeping up

while you simply log in and take action, putting their info into




Credit Card Accounts – Shop around for better credit card rates

and rewards programs. Don’t’ be afraid to ask questions and see

about transferring balances to qualify for frequent flyer miles

or gas purchase rebates or certificates. 


Profit Systems  - Get great business help. Look around for

opportunities and bundle helpful service packages or see what’s

available in your industry. For example, get a business plan of

action complete with website and copywriting, products, splash

pages, follow up ezine for each product, Adsense, Clickbank and

other opportunities all rolled into a plug-in system.


Email Help - Consolidate your email in one location with

web-based email programs, and stop messing with POP3 accounts,

Outlook setup, etc. Check with the programs that come with the

control panel in your hosting packages, generally found by

keying in your domain/webmail. Or head to sources who feature

their own programs like Gmail, Google's free webmail, or, a paid service provider who can consolidate up to

five email accounts for one super low annual rate (just under

$20 when checked last).


Public Library / More Learning– Continuing education for all fields is a

must, especially for writing to keep up with business

communications. Pick up excellent books, cassettes, videos and

other resources from the local library at no cost. And check out

local and online writing courses to enroll and sharpen your

writing skills. 


Handy Resources


For help with tips mentioned above, here are some handy resource



 - Check out current travel packages quickly online at

places like: 


- At ProfitAuto  you can manage not only

your shopping cart, but also your leads, contacts and shoppers with

automated “Thank You” follow up and a whole lot more.


- Head to Jack Humphrey’s Content Desk and Content Propulsion Lab, 

for “Do It Yourself”  companies who would love the benefits of easy

step-by-step content site building, monetizing and promoting

systems for the best ROI, and high-end Public Relations firms

with low-end budgets, online at 

and  .


- For a quick peak at current credit card special promos, visit: 


- For a super profit system, head to SEO (search engine optimization)

expert Keith Baxter’s Easy Net Marketing (EAN) Profit System at . The program has only about a one- to two-hour

learning curve to get all set up and going.


- A good place for correspondence courses is the

American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI), many described here:


So try some of these timely tried-and-true business tips. You

might just help your business and yourself at the same by saving

a lot of time, money, frustration and headaches.  And that would

be awesome!






By Diana Barnum, president of  .

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