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Finally One Product with a Twofold Solution to Your Floor Problems

 “Protect Your High-Traffic Flooring and Prevent Permanent Stains”


Finally you don’t have to put up with unsightly stains and suffer embarrassment any longer! Now, neither your kitchen floor underneath your refrigerator nor the flooring in your breezeway, laundry room, pet and other high-traffic areas have to bear ugly permanent stains. The perfect solution is finally here.


If you want to finally see an end to messy grime, equipment oil and other leaks on your floors, the Abzorb Oil Mat is just what you need. Just place the mat on the floor (or ground) under your refrigerator, washer and dryer, pet dishes and beds, and other potential messy / leaky things and equipment…and voila!



With ultra-absorbent properties, Abzorb Oil Mat soaks up to one gallon (3’x5’ size) of messy spills, leaks, oil and other leaking fluids. The mat comes with a three-year guarantee, will not tear, crack, or leak, and will continue to lie flat without any curling or buckling. It boasts polypropylene, flame-resistant in its original state, is easy to use and easily installs with numerous time- and money-saving advantages. Additionally, its gray color helps conceal leaks.


"I looked through all our local hardware stores (and even office supply stores) for something thin, flat and absorbent that water wouldn’t soak through,” said C. Kretlow, Abzorb Oil Mat buyer in Houston, Texas. “I fortunately saw your ad and ordered a mat. What a perfect solution! I cut the mat to fit and slid it right under the refrigerator. Now I know my floor is well protected.”



Made of technologically advanced material similar to what is used to clean-up oil spills on the ocean, the Abzorb Oil Mat boasts more than 24 household and office uses, including use as trunk liners, patio protection under BBQs, workbench cover, lawn equipment floor protection and pet food dish mats. The mat comes in a variety of sizes including 3’x 3’, 3’x 5’ and 3’x 8’ for all budget ranges.


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