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Affiliate Promotion With Your Blog


Blogs were designed with niche industries in mind. And they

serve as excellent tools for promoting your affiliate products.



Begin by choosing a nice template with professional header and

matching color scheme. Basic blogs at offer a wide

range to choose from and even customize for a very low rate per

month, if you’re looking for something quick, easy,

professional-looking and affordable – all in one.


After you choose a theme to match your affiliate product you

want to promote, you can set up short blocks of links or Blog

Rolls and any other features along the columns. Include your own

websites here and any affiliate links in the same niche, making

the blog serve as a “portal” for you.


Then add content. Basically you want to regularly add content to

your blog by way of news and articles. Readers want tips, but

also the latest industry news. So do offer both.


Besides discussing your affiliate product in articles and news

releases about its upcoming promotions or specials, you can also

incorporate images into your blog. Add a banner with your

affiliate link and set it up inside an article, for instance. Or

insert text ads linked with your affiliate links or even with

pay per click (PPC) campaigns like Google Adsense.


Be creative. And check out other blogs for more ideas on how to

grow yours. Making the right choices can help you earn

substantial revenues with blogs featuring your affiliate






By Diana Barnum, president of Moving Ahead Communications.

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