Oprah Announces Grand Opening of Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet


For anyone looking to shed some pounds and get healthier, a wonderful new diet and fitness plan called Best Life Diet has just been announce on Oprah’s television show. The Best Life Program was developed by Bob Greene, personal trainer to Oprah and other celebrities.


“I want you to know that making health-conscious choices can ultimately make you look and feel absolutely wonderful,” Bob Greene noted* on his new program site.


Featured trainer on eDiets.com, Bob Greene has helped thousands online in his eDiets program, “Total Body Makeover.” And he’ll now help many more with his monthly membership program, new book, journal and other tools.


The Best Life Program features:


1)     An interactive Best Life Diet and Fitness Program featuring a phased approach on changing eating and exercise habits by Bob Greene

2)     Online Interaction with Bob Greene plus his team of experts and a community of Best Life members

3)     Daily and Weekly Meal Plans for your own preferences and lifestyle needs.


Books available to help with the program at Amazon.com are “The Best Life Diet (Hardcover)” and “The Best Life Diet Daily Journal (Spiral Bound),” both by Bob Greene.


About Bob


Bob Greene has earned a master’s degree in exercise physiology from the University of Arizona, is a certified personal trainer and also a member the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine. Specializing in metabolism, weight loss and fitness for the past 20 years, Bob was the Health & Fitness correspondent for ABC TV's "Good Morning America," is a regular contributor to O-Magazine, and is also the author and co-author of several books that have made it to The New York Times and Amazon.com best sellers lists.


His first book, “Make the Connection: Ten Steps To A Better Body -- And A Better Life,” was published in 1996 and co-authored with Oprah Winfrey. It focused on how to live healthier plus his helping Oprah battle her own weight loss.


Other books by Bob include; “A Journal of Daily Renewal: The Companion to Make the Connection,” “Keep the Connection: Choices for a Better Body and a Healthier Life,” “Get With the Program” and Get With the Program: Guide to Good Eating.”


Free Newsletters & Trial Period


Bob is inviting everyone to sign up for some of his newsletters that share plenty of tips, health advice, program and news updates and more. And for a limited time, he is also offering a 10-day risk-free trial period for everyone to check out his new Best Life Diet program.


“I truly believe that all of us have the inner strength to make beneficial changes to improve our lives,” said Bob on his helpful new website*. "My goal is to help you find that strength—and to guide you along the way to good health. My hope is that this web site will become a continuing source of sound advice you can rely on.”


Visit Bob online at: http://www.itsthebestlife.com for more information about his Best Life Diet and to sign up for his newsletters and trial offer.  


* itsthebestlife.com, Best Life Diet




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