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Live Event and Continuity Program Offers an Unconventional

Education in the Future of Online Marketing and Publishing


For anyone with a desire to learn exactly what it takes to

make a Content Authority Site, just like the Fortune 500’s

publish, in a step-by-step fashion, the RPM Summit is the

place to go October 6-8, 2006 at the Atrium Suites in Las

Vegas, Nevada. This 3-day intensive training session is

being presented by Content Desk's "Content Publishers



“RPM stands for Research, Publishing, and Marketing,” said

Jack Humphrey, co-founder of Content Desk along with Mark

Braunstein and Peter Lenkefi. “It comprises a methodology

that is how true Authority sites are created by the largest



RPM Summit attendees will learn what’s going on now, very

cutting edge information: RSS feeds, social networking,

authority sites, niche research, keyword research, visitor

optimization, content syndication, content management

systems, site plug-ins, audio and video tactics and

strategy, publicity secrets and more.


Expert speakers include: Jerry West, Dave Lakhani, Mitch

Axelrod, Mike Filsaime, Colin McDougall, Willie Crawford,

Anik Singal, Rick Butts, Keith Baxter, Sean Wu, Jack

Humphrey and Mark Braunstein. “We all go (to events) to

help define our own systems and processes,” said Mark

Braunstein, Co-Founder of Content Publishers Alliance.


Braunstein explained that most seminars today have no

specific, actionable agenda.


For example, on day one, a mix of speakers can include

multiple business models, each focusing on different ways

to use different tools to make money online with Google™

Adsense sites plus a combination of other speakers’ topics.

Day two and three may be similar, with even more Adsense

speakers and their own tools in the mix. The event results

are generally similar:


(1) Attendees look at the listings and try to figure out

what the heck is going on and how it will improve their


(2) Attendees try to figure out where each speaker

fits into a “process” that they can integrate and apply to

his or her own business.

(3) There is no continuity or

cohesiveness in the event agenda itself.

(4) There is no

relationship after the event is over. Each person heads

home to figure out how to process the glut of information

and try to put some of it to work.


But the RPM Summit is different.


“The RPM Summit breaks down the three main disciplines that

are required for online success: research, publishing and

marketing,” explained Braunstein. “It’s a structured event,

in order. People need a step-by-step process in order to

learn and master.”


Success Example


Mark Braunstein shared a success story from a student of

Content Desk’s "Content Publishers Alliance" coaching

program, Melissa Trippel, creator of . Melissa’s site is only about two

months old and it has moved up in rank and popularity.

She’s even received calls from it, like one from a major

crafting association asking her for articles for their site

and for a site link.


“She’s really moving up – and quickly!” said Braunstein.


Continuity Portion


RPM Summit attendees will learn how to build long-term

sustainable income with publishing and marketing tactics

few others are talking about on the web. Plus they will

receive long term content and direct sales site network

building and marketing plans including:


• Lifetime membership to the RPM Summit members only site!

• Videos from the conference included and streaming right

from members site. • Lively forum for networking with and

learning from fellow RPM Summit-eers and the experts. • Fun

events at the Summit. • Exclusive "Chat with the Experts"

videos that will be filmed Sunday night at the Expert

Appreciation Dinner. See how much info they can pump out of

their experts after wining and dining them!


In short, RPM Summit attendees will enjoy a relationship

with this event


“People will walk away with a better plan of action, and

not a sense of “Where does this person fit into the process

I’m trying to put together?” said Mark Braunstein. “We

found speakers who fit our agenda. They will inform and

some will mention products or services they have that work

well with our process, not in spite of it.”


Free 21-Page Authority Site Guide


For more information about Content Authority Sites, readers

are invited to download Jack Humphrey’s 21-page report. The

report discusses how to build sites that capitalize on the

changes in web search traffic and content site profits,

plus the state of internet marketing and content site

publishing. It is available online at: .


To learn more about the RPM Summit, visit:  or email




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