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How to Fix Ebook Errors: Simple Solutions


Ebooks are a serious business. The beginning of the century

saw a 40 % growth in ebook sales* with sales expected to

run over $10 million. However, serious technical issues

arose, too.


While computer and software updates and upgrades have been

great for systems and some ebook functionality, they have

also meant a pain for other things, like opening some of

the older ebooks that were saved on computers for reading

later. And newer ebook downloads presented technical

problems as well. For example, ebooks that were created

with software were compatible with some systems, but not



Error Messages


Regardless of how and when the ebooks were created, what

often happened and still happens today when readers try to

open them is that one of these two errors appears: “The

"I/O 32 error" or “Error The "Page Can't Be Found" Error.”


The results vary with ebook readers. They can get

frustrated, irritated and wonder if their computers need

rebooted or fixed somehow, and waste lots of time checking

this angle and seeking help. Others may decide to look up

receipts for past ebook purchases in order to follow up

with sellers for help, wasting even more time searching and



What Really Happens


What is going on with computers with the ebook errors

mentioned above is one of two things.


- Either the ebook was created with software that supports

Windows 95/98, but not Windows 2000/NT/XP, so the I/O 32

error message pops up.


- Or the ebook was created with software affected by XP

Service Pack 2, resulting in the appearance of the, "Page

Can't Be Displayed" error that shows up after the first

page of the ebook on computers operating with the Windows

XP Service Pack 2.


Problem Solving Solutions


To fix the errors, ebook readers can choose a couple of



Help Manual – A help manual is an ebook repairing solution

for people with some technical ability, attention to detail

and safety with the computer’s systems. It simply involves

readers following step-by-step procedures like those

presented online at: .


Note using technical help like this can leave your computer

at security risk, so proceed with it on your own with

caution. So if you are not comfortable continuing, the

other solution may be for you.


eBook Fixer – For non-techies or people with not as much

technical skill, a simple process for repairing both errors

is eBook Fixer, a software solution. After minutes of

installing and then activating eBook Fixer, immediately

downloadable upon purchase, a few quick and simple steps

will fix the ebook problems.


With eBook Fixer, there is no searching for files and

folders, no looking for key registers, no editing field

values in code, no security risk; no work involved like

with the Help Manual solution above. No skills necessary,

this software works for people of all ages, all computer

skill levels.


Free Trial


To see how quick and easy eBook Fixer is, download the

no-cost eBook Fixer Trial Version right now by clicking . Experience will show you that this

is the solution to both ebook problems. And plenty of time,

effort and energy will be reserved for more rewarding

things, like enjoying more ebooks.


* Based upon report, “eBooks Get Serious…,” presented by

John Roderick & Nicholas Bogaty; Open eBook Forum;




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