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The Time to Plan Ahead for a Hurricane is Now

Put a Sock in it a Hurricane Sock!


The past couple of years weve witnessed record-breaking hurricane phenomena including a total of thirty-one tropical and subtropical cyclones in 2005s Atlantic hurricane season alone, according to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. Looking ahead at the future along with the threat of damage associated with additional hurricanes, more and more homeowners are seeking ways of keeping their home and possessions dry and safe.


The best way to make sure home damage is kept at a minimal is to prepare ahead of time and carry effective products that deter the destruction of water leaks, heavy rain, increased precipitation, busted water pipes, flooded basements, and unavoidable acts of Mother Nature. And a popular product sweeping hurricane-prone locations (such as Florida) is called the Hurricane Sock, which acts as a heavy-duty water absorbent for the garage, basement, windows, and doors.


About the Hurricane Sock


Boasting the capacity to absorb up to one gallon of water, the Hurricane Sock specially accommodates windows and doors when damaging wet weather starts to stir. And although the product name suggests it only assists those during hurricane season, there are many other uses associated with the Hurricane Sock. For example, the sock works great at preventing the threat of mold and other damage that comes with a leaky basement, as well as combating pesky window moisture by collecting excess water.


Notable, as well, are the impressive materials of the Hurricane Sock. The outside of the sock is constructed of a durable tubular nylon material that is filled with an ultra-absorbent polypropylene. This allows the product to conform to any desirable surface in an economical and uncompromising manner. After a quick air-dry, the Hurricane Sock is ready for continuous reuse.


Popular Hurricane Sock Uses


Many common locations about the house have responded well to the Hurricane Sock. These include:


  • Leaky basement walls
  • Patio sliding doors
  • Garage cabinets
  • Garage doors.


Overall, the water absorbent sock is effective in lessening water damage, dampness, and mildew. The sock also allows homeowners to pre-plan for the risk of leakage by using the Hurricane Sock in potential spots about the house where water is involved. This includes the water heater, water filtering systems, and the washing machine.


In the end, people find that the sock is much easier to use than a wad of paper towels, or mop and bucket to clean up water damage. And its very cost effective.


The typical Hurricane Sock is gray in color and measures three inches wide and four feet long. It also comes in varying sizes, price ranges, and quantities. For instance, two Hurricane Socks per case cost an average of $12.99. Four Hurricane Socks cost around $19.99 per case, while a dealer will charge about $29.99 for a case of 10 socks. One of the largest quantity-size orders per case is 40 Hurricane Socks, which runs a customer about $70.



For more information, visit: and check current pricing and specials. Then be prepared for your next hurricane season well in advance.