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Inviting People to Read Your Website Articles


There are many good resources available on the web for

creating website articles. Major websites are moving

towards designs which are simple and fast loading rather

than having a website which is filled with flashy graphics

and dynamic html. Because most often, it is the content and

the articles on these websites that are the main appeal to

Internet surfers. So a goal is to convert the casual web

surfer into a reader at your site.


Reader Friendly Articles


The content and articles on a website should be presented

in such a way that readers are attracted to them.

Everything needs to be of top quality to persuade readers

to keep on reading, using the following points as general

guidelines with your content and article presentation:


- Articles need to be written with a good flowing format:

opening paragraph, details, closing paragraph with contact

info for more information. Don’t bounce around with your

content presentation.


- Proper grammar and spelling are absolutely necessary.


- Use eye-catching headlines, font colors and font sizes to

attract attention, but don’t overdo it by using too many

different ones. For example, begin by choosing only two

complimentary fonts, two different font sizes (one for

headlines, one for main body text) and two different font

colors (bold and regular black text).


- Sentences should neither be too long nor too short.

Include a good mix throughout your article by adding short

sentences after long ones, to help pace readers.


- Keep content informative. People want news, entertainment,

Something to learn something.


- Add audio / video links and digital photos and banners

where you can to jazz up your content presentation.


Using these basic guidelines will result in a good website

content and articles. For help, here are some handy






- Check out Jack Humphrey’s Content Desk and Content

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- For a super profit system, head to SEO (search engine

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has only about a one- to two-hour learning curve to get all

set up and going.


- Learn how to write with good correspondence courses like

those offered by the American Writers & Artists Institute;

many are described here: 


So consider the importance of your content and articles in

the marketplace. The more people stick around for awhile to

read through your information, the more who will want to

return and share your site with others.




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