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Who Says That Seniors Have to Wear Kimono Sleeves?


Our lifestyles have become very fast paced, leaving us very little time to look after our emotional and mental health. The strenuous and stressful conditions at home as well as at the office are bound to have adverse effects on our appearance, often making us look older than we really are.


Our appearance plays a major role in boosting our self-confidence. Who says that seniors have to wear kimono sleeves in order to hide their aging bodies? Old age should be a celebration of life. It is a time in your life when you can be healthy as well as sensual to your hearts contends.


Institutions surveyed recently including the “Foundation for Integrated Research in Mental Health 2007” and the “American Psychological Association 2005”, found that  23% of the women executives and women professional” and “19% of their male peers” stated that they always feel stressed out or “super stressed”. In global surveys it has been reported that most of our visits, like 3 out of 5, are for “stress related problems.”


It was also found that 43% of the adults suffer from adverse health effects from work or personal stress. The general estimation of the total office visits to the family physician are due to stress related problems. This all indicates that stress is the major cause behind the early aging of the people and behind other fatal disease like the heart disease, cancer, lung ailment, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and for suicides.


Therefore, controlling the stress causing factors in our lives is very necessary in order to stay healthy and beautiful for a long time.


“We can always reverse our biological age,” said Anti-Aging Celebrity Linda Nacif.


The secret behind such revolutionary ideology lies with Linda Nacif who reflects her refreshing ideas through her statement “stay beautiful, fit and sexy regardless of age!”. She firmly believes that the quality of one’s life can be controlled as well as improved to a great extent.


Ms. Nacif is herself 62 years of age but still manages to look stunning and sensual as any sassy new age actress. She believes that beauty can never be skin deep.

“As you age, your true essence lies in your confidence and grace,” Ms. Nacif firmly believes that beauty can be brought out at any age and at any time. She expresses her bold and revolutionary vision by rightly stating, “Who Says That Seniors Have to Wear Kimono Sleeves?”


Linda helps many people each year to kick their stressful ways of life goodbye and helps them stay healthy and beautiful. She is a great conference speaker and her topics revolve around heath and other necessary things that contribute a lot towards being beautiful and sexy at any age. Her topics include:


-         “Being the Vital Venus”

-         “Reinventing Menopause”

-         “Thriving for life”

-         “Releasing the Diva”

-         “Enduring Allure”


All of these offer a wealth of help in the understanding of the “self” and of personal capabilities in order to have a better life. Her inspirational products include various CD’s and books that show an ideal way of life that should be practiced by every person. You can visit as well as to know more about the author and her motivational products.

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