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Is It Time To Tell Your Daughter About Menopause?


What if we began talking to our daughters about menopause the same time we told them about the birds and the bees? What if we treated the subject as one of the stages of a woman’s life to celebrate? What if we talked in depth about the meanings and symbolism of the five sacred transitions of a woman’s life: menstruation, marriage, pregnancy, motherhood AND menopause? What if our words flowed naturally and confidently because we ourselves truly understood the reason behind and wisdom of every stage of a woman’s life? What if menstruation was celebrated with flowers and menopause with a special ritual to recognize the fact that we have finally come into our own magnificence?


And the most poignant question is: What if YOUR MOTHER had passed on to you the conviction that each intimate stage of your life was a time to be proud of, feel blessed for, and celebrated? In most cases, our mothers themselves didn’t understand what was happening in their own bodies, especially the meaning of the end of the menses and reproduction. So, they couldn’t pass on to their children what they themselves didn’t know.


Does the possibility exist you would have acted differently or made different decisions just because of the way your mother lived and transmitted these very personal and intimate of subjects? Would your very life possibly have been different? Linda Nacif, the author of “Jump and The Joy Will Follow,” believes every aspect of your life would have been transformed if your Mother would have known and shared what is contained in these letters to her daughters.


The letters themselves can be conduits for the reader to discuss delicate subjects with her daughters that she wished her own mother would have talked to her about.


The message behind each letter is not only to explain and give facts about sex, aging, beauty, marriage and “the change”, Nacif at the same time urges her daughters to understand what is going on in their own unique bodies and take responsibility for their own well-being. She insists her daughters always question and find out their own truth. Each woman, mother and daughter, after she has all the facts, most comes to her own decisions.


Concerning menopause there is no special time that is right to share this “fact of life” with your daughter since it just another sacred stage of a woman’s life. For Ms. Nacif menopause symbolizes newfound freedom, confidence and power.


As she shares in the chapter on Menopause with her daughter, Vivianne, “I hope that today, all women realize we are so much more than our wombs, and our ability to conceive.”


Rarely will you find a book written with so much knowledge AND so much love and sensitivity. There could not be a better gift for a mother to give her daughter or vice versa. Each will profit from Linda Nacif’s stories, words, and unique perspective.


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