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How a Mural Can Improve Your Home


A mural is a large piece of art, most often a painting, covering a large surface area like a floor, ceiling or wall. The use of this for of art dates back to prehistoric times with  paintings in southern France on the Caves of Lascaux, through more modern times to the popularization of the term mural with the Mexican art “muralista” movement featuring: José Orozco, Diego Rivera David Siqueiros and others.


Mural creation techniques vary, with the most popular being the "fresco" style. Fresco work includes painting with water soluble solutions and a damp lime wash, quickly painting the large area a part at a time, sensing the whole overall, though. Many today paint with water or oil based media.


Home Improvement


A mural can add a touch of beauty and class to outdoor and indoor locations. You can add creativity to the side of your house, your garage door, your shed. You can brighten up an interior wall, ceiling or floor. Though results certainly may not be comparable to works of art like Michelangelo’s in the Sistine Chapel, beauty and creative touch and color can sure ignite sparks in conversation and light up otherwise ho-hum rooms.


For example, paint your family’s traditional background, colors, flag, etc. like restaurants do. They have indoor murals painted to coordinate a theme, like a colorful, festive Mexican scene with a piñata hanging nearby and children all around in colorful costumes. Likewise in Mexican homes. Use artistic style to coordinate a family theme.


You can use creative tools today, too. Learn to sponge paint, and coordinate the ceiling or wall of your child’s room with a nice printed paper or fabric border.


Add a theme, if you like. You can create a mural of animals surrounding Noah’s ark, for instance, on a wall. Then add a shelf on an opposite wall for animal figurines and a toy ark.


Rooms where guests visit downstairs can be lit up with wall paintings of favorite vacation scenery, family crest and background murals or time period pieces. Coordinate furniture, carpeting, rugs, knickknacks and other walls and ceiling. Don’t forget lampshades and pillows!


So get creative and improve your home with a mural – or two, or three. Once you get started and see how this creative art form adds beauty and value to your home, you may get addicted to them and keep adding more!


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