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Nifty Networking Tips!


Networking may only be a small part of your business operations,

especially in the offline world. To make the most of it, here

are some nifty networking tips to try.


Elevator speech - Prepare a short presentation about yourself.

Practice using ONE sentence to sum up what you do. At events

where most are Internet marketers, youll need more than, Hi,

Im Joe Grow, an Internet marketer. Instead, focus on your

niche or specialty, or whatever youre trying to focus on most

for growth at the time, Hi, Im Joe Grow, a wholesaler on




Roster / Schedule of Events


Print out the schedule of events and list of presenters ahead of

time. Get familiar with whos who, and see what youd like to

focus on, what youd like to learn and get out of the event. For

example, maybe there are a few presenters youd like to network

with one-on-one, so you could try to contact them ahead of time

to check their schedules.


Industry Research


Do your homework before you go. Public libraries and the

Internet have hundreds of resources dedicated to your industry

news and business networking with loads of tips, etiquette,

speaking advice, etc. So search, study and put to use what you





Be prepared and be a part, dont just take part. In other words,

do take business cards, a note pad and pen. But also contribute;

take along some host/hostess gifts and a door prize to

contribute for the event.




By Diana Barnum, president of Moving Ahead Communications.

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