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Introducing New Online Nursing Information Resource Center


Rapid growth in job opportunities for nurses of multiple

skill levels means an increased need for nursing teachers

plus nurses trained in a variety of vocations from hospital

work to nursing care facilities, in-home health care

services and more. In response to this need, helping both

employers and workers, has just opened

its doors, a new online nursing information resource



The website features special focus areas including: Nursing

Basics, Nursing Careers, Nursing Degrees, Nursing Schools,

Nursing Jobs, industry news, a contact area and more.

Online visitors can learn more about all the nursing

programs available, along with education and training

requirements and licensure needed for each. Plus they can

find career tips and articles, job market information,

student services to help with information about Student

Loans, Grants, Scholarships, Employment and Admissions, and

a lot more.


“There is a serious shortage of nursing teachers and long

waiting lists to get into nursing schools today,” said

James Duggan, owner / operator of


Duggan established the site to highlight helpful resources

to share with his daughter who just completed her nursing

education and was seeking employment. He discovered these

interesting facts while researching the nursing industry,

based upon information from the U.S. Department of Labor

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook

and The New York Times:


Nursing Facts:


• Registered nurses (RNs) make up the largest health care

vocation, with 2.4 million jobs, an estimated 3 out of 5 of

which are in hospitals.


• Three main educational RN programs are: a diploma from an

approved nursing program, an associate degree, a bachelor’s

degree. While Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) training is

about a year long and offered in roughly 1,200 vocational

or technical school programs.


• Among all occupations, the second largest number of new

jobs is projected to be for RNs. And while there is an

expected decrease in number of LPN jobs in the hospital

field, there is a projected increased need for LPNs in

nursing care facilities, in home health care services and

in other areas where LPNs will be retiring.


• A nationwide shortfall of more than 800,000 nurses is

predicted by the US Government by the year 2020. And as

health care needs grow among increased elderly population,

so should the anticipated number of nurses entering the

industry. provides information for new students

trying to decide on a nursing career and offers help for

experienced RN's who want to continue their education and

reach higher levels. And it’s a place for targeted job and

career information, where most specialty and employment

opportunities are expected to be excellent, even though

some employers report difficulty in attracting and

retaining enough RNs. For more information, contact Nursing

Choice at:




Linda Raye is an accomplished writer and editor of website. Her main interest lies in the

healthcare field with one of her passions being nursing.

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