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Prime Affiliate Promo Ideas


In order to earn more by being an affiliate and marketing

products and services of someone else, you have to do more than

the average affiliate marketer does. Sure it’s great to grab and

use the marketing tools that the provider has packaged when you

sign up for a link; like banners, articles and ad spots. But do



Specialized Website


First of all, look at your own online promotional strategy

focus. Why offer the same affiliate link everyone else will? Be

different. For example, set up a splash or leads form page to

capture email addresses of those showing interest. Follow up by

emailing them a 7-part autoreponder series on how they’ll

benefit from each feature of your affiliate product or service.

And write a call-to-action in each one. Offer a no-cost report

for all who sign up, and have plenty of contact info, links and

a call-to-action inside the report as well.


Affiliate Portal


As you progress, you may decide to be an affiliate of several

programs that you have personally tried and liked. So you could

develop one website as a "portal" to showcase your affiliation

for each, grouping together those products and services that are

in the same niche. If you have more than one niche, think about

developing more than one portal.



List Building



Develop lists with complete contact information not only for

emailing but for postal mailing offline, too. And set up

sub-categories. For example, as your budget allows, maybe mail a

black and white flyer to your huge portal list.

Then create monthly specials for those on smaller niche areas,

sending glossy postcards and following up with an email sales

letter and a weekly ezine with articles.



So do grab and use the marketing tools that the provider has

packaged when you sign up for a link. But do more so that you’re

not limiting you’re results.




By Diana Barnum, president of Moving Ahead Communications.

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