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Personal Strategic Planning Can Make This Your Best Year Ever!


Regardless of a personís background, location, status and area of work focus, top New Yearís resolutions often center on self improvement, personal growth and personal development. To help achieve these goals, success guidelines like the following ones from self improvement coaches, can be powerful tools in the strategic goal-planning process.


Create a Blueprint


Begin by making a formal blueprint of your strategy and planning in a notebook. You want to have sections for:


- Brainstorming

- Researching and noting your ideas

- Basic outlining and planning.


Next brainstorm and jot down some basic ideas for your personal self improvement, personal growth and personal development goals. Refer to any notes and ideas you have all around from the past 12 months and gather them all together in one place, in your new notebook.


Then research your basic areas of focus to fine-tune them, turning them into solid, concrete goals. For help, gather information from the public library and online websites with helpful articles, ebooks, reports, tips and other information. For example, if increasing your income is a goal, research the best ways to do that with what knowledge, skills and tools you already have.


Advance your pace by learning from others whoíve already Ďbeen there, done thatí like industry and self improvement mentors and coaches, who can help you quickly skip over what wonít work and focus on proven tactics and techniques to reach your own personal goals. They often have basic outlines and strategic planning all packaged together for you.


Basics: Snapshot of the Past, Present & Future


In case you donít have the help from a mentor or coach, or to enhance what you may already have, begin your outline and planning with a brief overview of your past to see what worked best for you and what didnít with regards to your new self improvement and other goals.


By planning ahead, you can learn how to overcome past difficulties with renewed help and hope in the success of your future planning strategy.


Then outline a basic plan on how to achieve your desired goals. Refer to your research to set reachable goals. And map out what you want to accomplish each step of the way; for example, how much you want to earn each month.


And finally, set up a monitoring and tracking system and check in regularly for a progress report. See whatís been working and what hasnít, and revise your strategy to move on and conquer. Donít be ashamed to get help, too.


Divide and Conquer


Be proactive and have a positive attitude with your self improvement planning. Listen to motivational and inspirational audio recordings each day, read inspiring articles, books and ebooks. Seek help from others: coaches, mentors, online forums, the Small Business Administration and other helpful resources available through your public library.


The bottom line in your self improvement planning is never give up.


Divide and conquer each and every challenging issue that comes up so that you do reach your goals Ė truly achieve them!


Empowering A Better You!


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