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Successful Forum JVs and How To Get Them


The forming of common alliances, also referred to as a joint

venture (JV), happens nearly every day in the business world.

One of the most popular means of linking people up online of so

that they can work together on their projects is via forums,

where people of all levels of business and expertise post in

common threads.


Forum threads generally present tried-and-true methods of those

who post, sharing tips about what works and what doesn’t so that

follow readers don’t waste their own time, energy, money or

hair-pulling on them.  And the threads also often seek advice

and helpful resources and tips from others. However, regardless

of the focus, many people who interact on the forums often end

up banding together in their common joint interests to help each



Here are several example of successful forum JVs and how to get

them to work for your own projects.


Product / Service Creation


To earn income online, you need to have something to sell. It

can be something of yours, an affiliate product, a product for

which you have resale rights or some other income-generating

strategy like Google Adsense pay-per-click.


How do you now if there is a market for your products and

services? What if you don’t have anything to sell but want to

get in the game? How do you SELL the products & services?


Head to industry forums for help with your questions. Once

there, you may find someone with an ebook he or she created, for

example, but needs help selling. In exchange for writing

articles about the ebook to help sell it, maybe you could get an

affiliate link and earn 50% for each purchase made through the

links in your articles. Or maybe you’ll find someone else who

would like to team up and co-author an ebook AND promotional

package with articles; split the work and the profits.


Value Added Packages


Go an extra step and remember customer service and support. When

people shop online, they do need support at times, too. And

maybe your ebook teaches “how to …” do something, and could be

enhanced with video tutorials. Through forums, you can often run

into people who either provide services or have connections in

the service industry. Service people don’t always have tome to

write their own articles, so you could trade article writing –

and submission services – for video creation to enhance your

product line.


Marketing / Advertising


Many of the people you run into on forums have mailing and

emailing lists, and a variety of other means of advertising and

marketing – not only their products and services, but yours as

well. That can add up to endless marketing strategies all year

long; ad swaps, banner exchanges, article exchanges in ezines,

print newsletters and in online article directories (think: link

exchange, too, in the byline!) Also postcards, emails with sales

messages, autoresponder series, reports, freebies - - all types

of goodies to package and sell or pass along at no charge for

viral marketing. Figure out what you can offer and see what

others on the forums need. Connect!


 “It takes a team!”


Sure it’s great to work from home. But successful people credit

their successes most often to excellent team work.  So get out

there and meet your team by networking on forums. You’ll not

only get a chance to learn some super tips on how to run your

business better, reaping more rewards for your efforts, time and

money, you might just put together some successful JV deals of

your own in the process along with a super team to make your

operations run in success-mode.


Free Forum Networking Tips


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