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Teaming Up With Home-Based Success:

The Proof is in the Earnings



Wouldn’t it be great to stop working so much, especially outside

your home, and  start earning some decent income with much less

stress, hours and effort? Many are doing just that. Their

earnings are increasing. And their opportunities are growing,

reports a 31 year-old Chinese Tennessee Redneck turned a $480

health investment into a 6-figure income in less than 6 months.


“Have you ever asked yourself what your life would be like right

now if you would have had the courage and good fortune to get

involved with a billion+ dollar company right when they got

started?” asked Greg Granger, entrepreneur, aka Chinese

Tennessee Redneck at . “This

is your “shot” at financial freedom!”


Granger joins the ranks of the many successful earners who do

work from home. In fact, according to the latest information

from the Bureau of Labor Statistics* of the U.S. Department of

Labor, in 2004 alone, some 20.7 million persons usually did some

work at home as part of their primary job, one-third of whom

were self-employed (and most operating a home-based business)

using computers.


And many of those home-based workers were reaping some great

rewards. Research shows that online sales have already been

generating close to $100 billion** in sales and more since the

beginning of the year 2000. 



Redneck Success Secrets


What do people like Granger know and do that others don’t? They

do their homework and found a solid system that works for them

that includes teaming up with an International manufacturing

Parent Company that is 10 years old and debt free. Also teaming

up with a Direct Sales Association member that earns $1.2 +

Billion in sales has been a winning move, and joining a system

that has paid out over $500 million in commissions and produced

30 home-based millionaires.


Other components of the working system include:


·           Lucrative Weekly Compensation

·           Fast Start Bonuses – earn up to $100 per sale

·           Coding Bonuses – earn up to $110 per sale

·           Consistency Bonuses – earn up to $40 per sale

·           Dual line Bonus – Unlimited income - No cap, no flushing, 1/3

– 2/3

·           Matching bonus - 10% on 2-levels

·           2% Global bonus pool - Quarterly bonus pool top check last

quarter of $21,000

·           1% Super Fast Start Pool – Monthly Bonus Pool – top 5 Super

Fast Start Enroller

·           Plug and Play Success Training and Business Tools

·           DVD, training cds, opportunity cds, newspapers and brochures

·           Proven internet system

·           Weekly opportunity trainings and prospecting calls

·           Corporate Sponsored local VIP events



Redneck Bonuses


Granger’s offers a variety of bonuses to help others with

success. Top ones featured are:


EBOOK – You can signup for his no-cost ebook to learn more

specifics of his success.


ARTICLE LIBRARY -  An article library is offered at no charge to

help others learn more about home-based business, networking,

marketing, self-development,  partnering and more.


TELL-A-FRIEND – One page invites visitors to Tell-A-Friend,

sharing the articles and other information with others so they,

too, can enjoy the benefits of working from home.


LINK PARTNERS – Sign up and share a link to join the Link

Partners page and invite visitors to your sites, too.


So now there’s no need to go it alone. You can team up for

success and get your proof in the earnings. For more

information, contact Greg Granger at  or








*”Work At Home Summary,” USDL 05-1768;  



** “Helpful Internet Marketing & E-Commerce Stats,” by Hollis

Thomases, November 30, 1999;  





By Diana Barnum, of  . 

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