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Three Top Areas of Focus for Your Article Content


As internet marketing with articles grows in popularity,

knowing what to write about can be the key to your return

on investment (ROI). Because when you focus on targeted

content, your investment in time, energy, effort and

possible budgeted funds spent on the articles’ creation can

yield greater returns.


Here are three top targets of focus for your next articles:


Greater Audience Reach


Remember that most people are looking for information

online. So fill this need with your quality article by

reaching out to multiple areas surrounding your niche so

that you can benefit from more exposure and higher visitor

clicks. For example, if your niche is vitamins, your

readers are health-conscious, so add information about

other health-related topics like maybe adding product

reviews about different kinds of eye drops and eye wear

combined with beta carotene supplements.


Sales Letter / Advertorial


Submitting your articles to other websites presents the

opportunity to basically advertise without paying high

display and classified ad fees. Avoid pushy sales language

in your articles, saying things like, “for the BEST……click

here…” and instead, make them informative and useful to

your readers. Head to the local library to grab some good

books on copywriting, take a copywriting course or two and

/ or download some ebooks on the topic. And learn to “show”

and use storytelling in your pieces. In this way, your

article contains relevant and helpful material for your

article readers, plus you are making a good impression for

your website, which could ultimately lead to more visits

and hopefully purchases, referrals and repeat visits. Keep

in mind that good quality content in an article is far

better and more effective than a few lines of ad space. You

have a special opportunity to pre-sell your products or

services to your prospective customer – plus you get to

include your website's link in the resource box. Win-win!


Search Engine Optimization


Market your website for those technical visitors, too: the

search engines, to bring more clicks your way by creating

new web pages for your articles on your site. Optimize the

articles to make they are search-engine friendly by using

top-ranked keywords and Meta tags that can give your

website a high search engine ranking. That way once you

upload your new web pages to your server, search engines

will spider through them and you can gain an increase in

search engine ranking. Remember that search engine

optimized content is a very effective strategy to use to

gain a high ranking in search results.


So don’t just start writing. Plan ahead and write strategic

articles to improve your article performance!




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