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7 Video Marketing Tricks and Tactics That I Borrowed

                             from Kelvin Brown


Copyright 2007, Joanne Mason


Anyone in the Internet Marketing community who is familiar

with  Kelvin Brown probably also knows that he is a well

respected  mentor on the topic of video marketing.


In a recent interview, Kelvin shared some of the video

marketing  tricks and tactics that he has been using to get

lots of traffic  to his multiple websites for more than a

year now. After talking  to Kelvin for over one full hour,

here are just seven of the  proven video marketing

techniques that I borrowed from him to  attract more online



1. You can use an inexpensive video camera or webcam to

create  short instructional videos and uploading them to

free video  hosting sites like Google Video and You Tube

and tap into  millions of visitors to those sites each day.



2. Use a good description of your video that makes it easy

for  people to find your videos and easy for the search

engines to  index.


3. A great way to get the attention of a local audience is

by  creating videos of local events. Annual events are even

better  because people will find your site year after year

using the same  videos.


4. A good way to get more traffic from your best articles

is to  create video illustrating the main points in your



5. You can create videos without a web camera by using

Windows XP  Movie Maker. The program is very easy to use

and includes step by  step instructions. The software come

preinstalled on Windows XP  computers or can be loaded from

the Windows website.


6. You can create a video using any audio file that you own

the  rights to or created yourself. Add moving or still

pictures and  add the audio to the background.


7. Rather than hosting your own videos on your website with

a  Google trademark attached you may want to consider using

a  service like Audio Acrobat. The reasoning is because

when people  see the Google tag on a video they naturally

go to Google to  watch more videos. If you use a service

like Audio Acrobat you  won t have to include a trademark

tag to imbed the video on your  website. Additionally, the

video is being hosting on Audio  Acrobat rather than your

own site so you won't use your own  bandwidth.


These are just a few of the video marketing tips that I've

learned from Kelvin Brown about one of the hottest Internet

 marketing tactics online today.


Kelvin Brown has created a site, listing more than 30

resources for creating and sharing your videos online.






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