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Welcome Tips For Winter Wedding Planning


Planning a wedding is generally exciting and full of fun times. However, it can be a bear when winter weather conditions start setting in with your plans.  Ice and snow and storms can delay travelers, especially for those times you need to get together to coordinate flowers, food, event activities and clothing choices with alterations.


But fear not! You can still enjoy warm wedding planning sessions with both your friends and relatives to the maximum extent possible with these tip, customized to fit your own needs:


•Begin Early: It’s always better to give yourself plenty of time to accomplish all the objectives of the wedding planning checklist. Start your planning process about one year before the wedding so that you get enough time to look for bargain offers and find the most appropriate vendors. You must remember that you can take out only a few hours every week from your busy working schedule. As such, if you don’t want anything to go wrong during the wedding, you should start early with your preparations. And allow plenty of time during winter to get things done well ahead of time.


•Involve Others: Of course a professional planner would be ideal; however, if you can not find one nor afford one, don’t turn down some kind help offered by friends or relatives. Also head to the Internet is good resources like articles full of tips and ideas, budget guidelines, vendors and more. You can also look up a few books on wedding planning at and


•Make & Stick to A Budget: You might be like many and want your wedding day to be one of the biggest days in your life, so you might seek the best of everything to make it a glittering affair. However, most people are restricted by the amount of money that they can set aside for this purpose. You should, therefore, make a budget indicating the total amount of money that you can conveniently spend and then allocate portions of the budget for each aspect of the wedding planning. This will help you in selecting the various items and services that you need to get and checking whether you have strayed from your budget.


•Organize Your Guest List: An important aspect of wedding planning is the

mailing of invitations. Spend some time to feed the names and addresses of all your guests in either a word processing document or in a spreadsheet in your computer. When the time comes for sending out the invitations or thank-you cards, this information in the database will be immensely helpful. You will be able to check whether all invitations have been sent and also the number of RSVPs received. This record will enable you to store the addresses of all your guests for the future as well. Budget in some emergency funds if winters are extremely bad in your area; for example, for any extra accommodations and food you might need for overnight guests held up by a storm.


The main thing to remember during winter weather is that ‘Help Is Handy.’ Warm your winter wedding plans and ease up on planning and wedding stress by accepting plenty of help of your near and dear ones. If you don’t try to do it all yourself, you will probably end up being more than pleased with your warm winter wedding fun in spite of the cold season.


Just follow the above tips for wedding planning and you will find that all aspects will fall in place like snowflakes on your windowsill. Cheers!


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