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New Book Presents Step-By-Step Map For All Levels of



Enough is enough. Help is finally here for entrepreneurs of all

levels in a new book entitled, “Start Your Dream Business Today:

The Proven 11 Steps To Start And Grow Your Own Business,” by

Biba F. Pédron. Regardless of whether an entrepreneur needs to

know start up information like which legal structure is best, or

growth and networking strategies, this new book is available in

both print and electronic form with plenty of proven helpful



“To those of you who are tired of getting up each morning for a

9 to 5 job that you have zero passion for, I have been in your

shoes,” said author Biba F. Pédron. “And one day I said "STOP"



In her book, Biba explains how she started successful

businesses, both in Paris & New York. Self-educated by learning

from other people’s experiences and techniques, she considers

this method perhaps the most important education of all.


“Only the top 10% of all business owners regularly invest in

their continued education,” she explained. “This is the #1 key

to success.”


"Start Your Dream Business Today!" is a simple yet informative

and easy to follow, step-by-step guide to everything a new

entrepreneur should know when starting a business with plenty of

tips for the experienced as well.


“From organizing the legal structure of your business to how to

market it effectively, Biba sets everything out as a

step-by-step map with no way to get lost or take a wrong turn,”

said Wendy Weiss, The Queen of Cold Calling. “Written by someone

who has started not one, but two businesses, “Start Your Dream

Business Today!” is a practical, no-nonsense, information-packed

manual. I've been in business for 17 years and I managed to pick

up a tip or two!”


About The Author


Marketing consultant and entrepreneur, Biba has clients who call

her "The Connection Queen." She’s the founder of Biba4Network,

specializing in networking for small business owners in the

greater New York Area, and Focus on Career, a one-stop-shop that

helps solo-entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.


“I personally specialize in small and more personal business

networking so that it makes it easier to get the right contact

so that you can grow your business faster,” said Ms. Pédron.

“Some of my members grew their business by 30% in less than 3

months after attending my meetings and that is why they refer me

as The Connection Queen.”


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