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Best Homes Real Estate, LTD is an independent real estate brokerage, committed to providing outstanding service and value to buyers and sellers as well as to those who’d like to rent or lease. We are widely recognized as the preeminent real estate company in Central Ohio. We are known for developing quality working relationships with our clientele; relationships based on respect, integrity, and trust. Best Homes Real Estate, LTD is proud to have developed beneficial relationships with lenders, inspectors, contractors, and a wide range of housing professionals. We pride ourselves on building a solid foundation for your home to rest upon. Whether you are purchasing, selling, or both…or need help with BPO / REO work, listings and more…we ensure that you have the support you need to make to make sound decisions and receive the best deal possible. We go the extra mile for you!

Diana Barnum, REALTOR® and independent real estate agent at Best Homes Real Estate, LTD, takes the time to listen to your needs and dreams. Together with Best Homes Real Estate, LTD, she works tirelessly to facilitate your goals without compromise. The Best Homes Real Estate, LTD team is committed to treating every client as if they are our #1 priority.

Whether you are renting / leasing, buying, selling, or simply considering a move, we will be happy to speak with you today!      


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5650 Blazer Parkway, Suite 100 Dublin, OH 43017
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Recent Posts

How to Clean Up After Thanksgiving in Half the Time

By: Lisa Kaplan Gordon

The Pilgrims were on to something when they planned a Thanksgiving potluck; here are other good ideas that’ll simplify your T-Day kitchen cleanup.

Want something to be thankful for? Check out these tips that’ll make your Thanksgiving kitchen cleanup faster and easier — and will give you more time to enjoy family and friends.

Plan a potluck: The first Thanksgiving wafeasts a potluck; so let your guests share the fun and bring dishes to share. Then make sure they take home their serving bowls and platters, which will cut down on dishes to wash and put away.

Decide on disposable: Leave Mom’s good dishes in the breakfront and set your table with disposable — and recyclable — place settings. Party stores sell plastic dishware that look like real china (12 dinner plates for about $13). After eating, collect and toss. If you can’t stand to set a table with anything but your best, use disposables for hors d’oeuvres and dessert.

Triple-duty cookware: Cut down on cleanup by selecting cookware that can go from oven to table to freezer. Or, serve food in edible containers, such as bread bowls or hollowed-out winter squash, which you can either consume or compost.
Empty fridge: Start your holiday with a clean slate, which will make the inevitable mess less daunting than piling clutter onto clutter. Before beginning Thanksgiving prep, pick up depressing home clutter and clean out your fridge to make room for ingredients and leftovers.

If possible, designate a shelf for Thanksgiving food, which should be empty when you start your meal, then filled with leftovers when you’re finished. In a week, clean out that shelf again. Make soup from leftover meat and veggies, and then freeze. Compost wilted greens. Toss old dairy products.

Prepare roasting pans: You won’t have to clean what you don’t get dirty. So line your turkey roasting pans with heavy-duty aluminum foil, or cook the bird in a bag. Pour drippings into a pot to make gravy, then throw away the liner.

Line garbage cans: Double- or triple-line garbage cans, which saves time when the cleaning campaign begins. After you toss a trash bag, there’s another waiting for action.

Soaking bin: Soak pots and pans as soon as you transfer food to platters. But instead of filling the sink with soaking pots, designate a small trashcan as the soaking spot. Fill it will soapy water and dirty pots, and hide it under a sink or in a mudroom. That way, your sink is free throughout the evening to clean as you go and rinse dishes on the way to the dishwasher.

Stop stains: Don’t let stains on carpet or rings on furniture set. While wine stains are still wet, dab with go-to cleaner hydrogen peroxide mixed with a few drops of dish detergent; blot with a clean cloth. Get rid of water stains on wood furniture with a dab of white toothpaste (not gel). Rub in the direction of the grain.

Pump up the music: Up-tempo music will give you a second wind for cleaning. So turn off the soothing dinner tunes and get rocking with our cleaning playlist.

Visit for more articles like this. Reprinted from with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.


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