5 Tips for Marketing With QR Codes Today

 Expert Author Jenny M White

qr code

QR Code

QR codes or quick response codes are 2D (dimensional) bar codes designed with black squares on a white background. An application or app interprets the code which can contain a call to action, a link or SMS (Short Message Service) message. These codes are used to disseminate information and are often displayed in advertising materials, newspapers and magazines and on television. Records connected to QR codes allow the creator to track information. Knowing how many times products are scanned and the actions taken can increase sales.

Marketing with quick response codes is a way to brand your products or services. On a personal side, use these types of codes to link from a resume to other webpage with information about you or put them on a party invitation to link back to a blog post, for instance.

Tips for Using QR Codes

1. QR codes are very popular with males between the ages of 25 and 40. The highest scanning locations are retail stores, grocery stores or at home when looking for products and services. Who scans the code gives marketing departments information on how to present their products and on what demographics to focus.

2. Use codes to market in specific places. Newspaper, magazines, brochures and pamphlets may be the mediums of choice if QR codes are being scanned mainly at home.

3. Retail shops and grocery stores tend to be the second highest location for QR code scanning. Marketers can use this information to embed information about the product, the company and even upcoming, similar products.

4. Take advantage of your customers by using the code to link to product surveys, store and product promotions, and company websites.

5. QR codes have been proven to be effective marketing tools to peak the curiosity of consumers. Scan the code with your smartphone and you will read all the reasons you need a particular product or service. Sales go up, and customer dissatisfaction falls.

Keep an eye out for quick response codes that you see all around you on coupons, flyers, periodicals and other marketing materials. Get ideas on how they are used and come up with your own creative solutions for using them in upcoming campaigns and promotions.

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