Writing Tips with Free Download and Audio (Podcast) – Ghostwriting Do’s and Don’ts

ghost  Ghostwriting Do’s and Don’ts
Get a short 2-page PDF document from which you’ll learn about 14 common errors that show up in many ghostwritten documents. Also included are three short steps to success for your ghostwriting endeavors. Download by clicking: Ghostwriting Errors and saving the file to your Desktop or other area.


Diana Barnum discusses ghostwriting and overcoming the common errors that ghostwriters make in the podcast below. Download the short PDF above that accompanies this, a helpful guide to follow while she share tips.

About Diana Barnum

Diana Barnum is the founder and president of Moving Ahead Communications, working in partnership with the Ohio Help Group, offering outsourcing services via personal virtual assistants to help individuals and companies start and grow their businesses with customized (often ghostwritten –shh!) products and services. For help getting more time, energy, leads, sales and income, readers are invited to sign up for the free company newsletter, “Moving Ahead Weekly Ezine: Helping You Advance with Business Support Service Info,” at Moving Ahead Communications and share the link with others who could benefit. Also visit her at Moving Ahead with The Ohio Help Group.

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