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January 27, 2006




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Expo To Help Americans Realize Their

No. 1 Goal: Owning A Small Business



From television commercials to websites to expos and

conferences, the call to become an entrepreneur is loud and

clear. And it’s no surprise. According to the latest research,

owning a business has been cited as the number one goal of Americans

today. Approximately 62,000 small businesses start up on a monthly basis

nationally, according to the Small Business Administration. Small business

is a driving force in the United States economy with more than 24

million businesses running today, approximately 17 million of

those being sole proprietorships.


“A distinct feature of the current growth of small business is

the rise of one-person operations, by far the fastest growing

segment of the self-employed,” said Aggie Kobrin, founder of

Conference and Expo Connections, LLC, which will be holding the

Business Opportunities Series and Expo (BOSS) on Feb. 4 in

Irvine, Calif. “Entrepreneurship has always been a major part of

the American Dream.”


Kobrin, who plans on making BOSS a traveling event throughout the

nation, realizes, however, that just creating awareness of the business

opportunities available is not enough for small business growth and success.

Aside from showcasing the different start-up opportunities

available, including franchises, businesses for sale and network

marketing opportunities. The conference will also feature

workshops on how to increase the chances of success through

proper operations, marketing and planning.


“Approximately 80 percent of new businesses fail within the

first three years of starting a business because of inexperience

or lack of proper marketing,” said Greg Scott Reid, author of

the best seller, “The Millionaire Mentor”.  


Reid will be speaking at the event as will television personality Dr. Letitia

Wright, who will tape her nationally syndicated cable show, “The

Wright Place,” from the Expo. Other speakers include:


 -  Mimi Donaldson, business consultant and nationally-renown speaker and


-         Vanessa Besack, public relations and marketing consultant

-          Steve Burgess, co-author of best-selling book, “Purpose, Passion, Abundance”

-          Rick Eggleton, franchise consultant

-         Susan Fiskin,  professional speaker and business coach

-          Linda Hollander, author of “Bags to Riches: 7 Success Secrets for Women in Business”

-         Dawn M. Holman, successful entrepreneur, PR and marketing consultant and trainer.


“Our conference is ideal for individuals who currently run a small business

—or aspire to—find the ideas, products and services to help them

build their business successfully,” Kobrin said.


The February event will be the first BOSS event planned for the

western United States in 2006. Additional events are planned for

San Diego, Calif., San Jose, Calif., and the Seattle, Wash.

areas in the spring and fall of 2006.


For more information, visit  or

call: (949) 727-1211.