September 12, 2005



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A  New Approach To Internet Business Seminars

‘Repacking  New Orleans Workshop’



New Orleans, LA –  Among the 100+ events cancelled smack in the

middle of the $5 billion a year tourism industry* in New Orleans

due to Katrina is Content Desk’s Internet Publisher’s Mardi Gras.

This 3-day seminar / workshop event was scheduled from Sept.

9-11, 2005, at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans.


“(The) Hyatt Regency New Orleans is not assessing any

cancellation fees with our travel partners and they have assured

us that all prepaid reservations will be refunded in full,” said

Constance Humphrey, site administrator for Content Desk and wife

of Jack Humphrey, managing partner in the exclusive Content Desk

Charter Members publishing group.


Although New Orleans, the seventh-largest convention

destination*, is right in the middle of their busy season,

facilities, associated hosting companies and airlines are working

with event planners and administrators as efficiently as



“I found out that the New Orleans airport will not have

commercial flights going in or out for at least another two

months,” explained Constance. “Some airlines might make you wait

until the DAY OF departure on your ticket to issue the refund,

but once the flight is officially cancelled, they will issue

refunds.” Having grown up in the New Orleans area, Constance flew

in as close as possible to help with the aftermath, not only for

her family and friends, but her families’ business associates.


Site  cancellation aside, the Content Desk partners decided to

make lemonade out of lemons. They repackaged their event and are

offering it as a remote event, a new approach to Internet

business seminars using the latest in technology and Internet



“We still want to offer registered participants the opportunity

for a lucrative future with an online publishing business that

provides them with the income they’ve always wanted,” said Jack

Humphrey. “Despite devastating once-in-a-lifetime storms!”


The focus of the Internet Publisher’s workshop is, “How To Triple

Your Income With Irresistible New Content Publishing, Traffic

Building and Sales Conversion Techniques - The Three Proven Keys

To Internet Success." A percentage of all proceeds will be

donated to the disaster relief fund for the New Orleans regional

Red Cross office.




Content Desk has a variety of tools to help member create and use

all types of content; articles, reports, facts, tips,

newsletters, forums, blogs, audio, video, interviews, product

reviews, creative writing, public domain information, RSS and

more. The exclusive online community focuses on four things;

community, learning, technology and profits.


The Content Desk membership community communicates via their

private forum, conferences, teleconferences, email, support desk

and the latest virtual and other technological tools that come

available like Skypeä (a free Internet telephony system)**. Some

of their tools are downloads, while others are online

applications and knowledge shared through learning. Learning is

offered in the form of videos, articles, help texts, tutorials,

member sharing and seminars/workshops.


Content Desk membership fees go right back into development of

new software and tools so that members are always on the

cutting-edge and far ahead of all the "point-and-click" site

builders out there.


Cyber-brains behind the Content Desk scene are the “Power Trio;”

Jack Humphrey, Mark Braunstein, and Peter Lenkefi. These three

renowned visionaries found themselves smack dab in the middle of

the emerging, fledgling web publishing industry.


For more information, visit Content Propulsion Lab  or  .

Email: for help.


*  Source: “Uncertain outlook for tourism in New Orleans Hundreds

of flights to the Big Easy cancelled; questions about Mardi

Gras,” by Jane Wells, Reporter, CNBC, Sept. 2, 2005.





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