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Internet Marketers Are Mastering New Media

Content and Syndication Tactics


Richmond, IN - The future of Internet marketing forecasts plenty

of new media tools and methods to achieve strategic promotional

campaigns for businesses of all sizes.  And Content Propulsion

Lab (CPL), a Division of Content Desk, a major player in

provisioning high-quality content for web publishers, appears to

be the new place to be to get the scoop. 


Relatively small groups of online business owners are creating

powerful, professional content and syndicating it widely with

formerly geek tools such as RSS, and are getting more leads,

clicks, sales and optimal ROI (return on investment).


“We are giving small business owners the tools and the power of

an expensive, professional, in-house PR firm without the cost

formerly associated with such power,” said Jack Humphrey,

Managing Partner of Content Desk.


“Using new media tactics like professional article and press

release creation and syndication, along with podcasting and

other non-traditional internet marketing tools, marketers are

tearing up any of their competition who refuse to get into the



And Humphrey added, “We are doing some cutting edge stuff these

days that most people just don’t get, like utilizing new

technology to use audio and video content on sites without

losing valuable search engine rankings because the robots can’t

‘read’ audio and video.”


Forecasts of several top online marketing experts interviewed in

“The Coming Year in Online Marketing,” by Zachary Rodgers,

December 19, 2005, Incisive Interactive Marketing LLC., 2006,

show that:


-RSS will come into play more so that people can quickly and

easily subscribe to their favorite online media feeds.


 - Podcast marketing will begin to reap the rewards of its new

high-bandwidth total-emersion customer experience medium.


 - People are turning more from television to interactivity as

more original videos appear online.


 -Search engine PPC (pay per click) advertising will increase as

more and more small businesses take the leap, meaning more

content – and vastly better content – is needed online.


In short, smart Internet marketers who grasp the tools and

strategies of the future will be much better equipped for

broader marketing and sales strategies to increase their bottom

lines. And with tools and learning strategy for article

syndication, podcasting, video, audio streaming and more – all

in one place, successful Internet marketing will be a snap, or

click, for those who take the time to learn and keep up with the

fast-paced new media marketing boom.


Growth with 700+ New Subscribers


An awesome example of a leap in ROI is from Content Propulsion

Lab partner, Willie Crawford. He shared one of his success

strategies using one of the Content Propulsion Lab tools and

syndication methods.


“One of my articles made SitePro News (a newsletter and resource

site for Webmasters). I don't know their circulation, but

they're one of my favorite ezines to have pick up one of my

articles. They say on the banner across the top

of their page, ‘Advertise in SiteProNews and Reach Over 500,000

Potential Customers.’ The last time that this happened, I picked

up 700 subscribers so fast that it made my head spin! Then the

subscribers and sales kept pouring in,” explained Willie



Hence, for the “Do It Yourself” companies who would love the

benefits of a high-end Public Relations firm but lack the

budgets, a power-packed content creation and syndication center

is a must.  Instead of paying time and again for individual

tools, upgrades, new tools, PPC and other online advertising,

Content Propulsion Lab appears to offer a much more economical,

efficient and affordable approach to very effective Internet



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