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Content Desk Virtual Publishing Empire  - Cashing

In On What More Than One Billion Surfers Want Most


New Orleans, LA – Today, more than one billion* people surf the

Internet. And that number is growing. So is the amount of revenue

being generated online.


For example, online advertising expenditures are targeted to

reach an estimated $11.6 billion by 2010, according to a forecast

from Forrester Research**, Inc., with ads specifically reaching

others via blogs and through RSS. And online spending from

average Internet users is predicted to generate revenues in 2006

of $1.8 billion and $1.7 billion just in the categories of online

games and digital music alone, according to a report by Jupiter

Media Metrix.


What draws people online to make these purchases? In a word,



“People want the sites that they visit to be information

resources, no matter what the subject,” said Jack Humphrey,

managing partner in the exclusive Content Desk Charter Members

publishing group.  “Articles, reports, facts, tips, newsletters,

forums, blogs, audio, video, interviews, product reviews,

creative writing, public domain information, RSS and much more.”


Content Desk has a variety of tools to help members create and use

all types of content. The exclusive online community focuses on

four things; community, learning, technology and profits.


Report & Case Study: Sid Hale, jvAlert


“Creating good, relevant content has always been the biggest

problem in creating a web site that can attract and retain

visitors,” said Sid Hale, co-creator of jvAlert and charter

member of Content Desk.  “With Content Desk's Content Site

Builder, I was able to quickly find article content for a new

site I had launched only a month earlier, and automate adding

that content to my site within just a few days. That included the

learning curve…”


Hale signed up immediately after reading a report written by

Humphrey entitled, "Building a Content Publishing Empire." Being

a content publisher and knowing how much work can be involved in

building content for a site, he felt the decision to join Content

Desk was a “no-brainer.” For a copy of the report and Hale’s case

study, both at no cost, contact: .


CONTENT DESK: Building A Content Publishing Empire


The Content Desk membership community communicates via their

private forum, conferences, teleconferences, email and support

desk. Some of their tools are downloads, while others are online

applications and knowledge shared through learning. Learning is

offered in the form of videos, articles, help texts, tutorials,

member sharing and seminars/workshops.


Content Desk membership fees go right back into development of

new software and tools so that members are always on the

cutting-edge and far ahead of all the "point-and-click" site

builders out there.





Cyber-brains behind the Content Desk scene are the “Power Trio;”

Jack Humphrey, Mark Braunstein, and Peter Lenkefi. These three

renowned visionaries found themselves smack dab in the middle of

the emerging, fledgling web publishing industry.


“Giving (website visitors) what they want is the first step in

building relationships rather than one-time visitors,” said

Humphrey. “We feel it is crazy to work hard on traffic that will

never come back to our sites. Especially if the only change we

need to make to those sites is adding good material that visitors

enjoy! First time visits are expensive.  Repeat visits are





To help others learn more and earn more, Content Desk is hosting

a 3-day seminar / workshop in New Orleans from Sept. 9-11, 2005,

with a full year of support follow up afterwards. The focus is,

“How To Triple Your Income With Irresistible New Content

Publishing, Traffic Building and Sales Conversion Techniques -

The Three Proven Keys To Internet Success."


"Son of a gun, we're gonna have big fun, on the bayou…”


For more information, visit Mardi Gras   To learn more about Content

Desk and check on the availability of limited openings at Content

Site Builder, visit . Join hundreds

of publishers and writers in creating and syndicating your

content at Content Propulsion Lab .

Visit for help.




* From “The Internet Transforms Modern Life,” by Steve Almasy,

CNN, June 29, 2005.


** The Forrester Research report includes data from an online

survey of 99 leading marketers and four forecasts: US Search

Marketing Spending, US Online Advertising And Marketing Spending,

US Email Marketing Spending and US Online Classifieds



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By Diana Barnum, president of and CEO of . For more help with marketing, public

relations and writing, email

or call: (614) 529-9459. Note: Content Desk members may

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