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Guidelines for Corporate Gift Giving


Keeping clients and company workers, subcontractors, vendors and

other helpers happy is a crucial element in you business.

Because no matter what kind of business you are in, without the

support of your team and the involvement of your clients, you

will not be in business for very long.


Corporate gift giving is an easy way to let your team know

how much you appreciate their hard work and clients know how much

your appreciate their business.  And corporate gift giving is

less expensive than you might think. For example, with planning

ahead, you can order promotional items in bulk to reduce the

overall price.




Corporate gift giving should be done in a professional manner.

Keep in mind that when your company makes the decision to

incorporate a corporate gift giving policy, there are some things

to keep in mind:


 - If you are giving a corporate gift to a client or potential

client always check with their company to ensure that they allow

corporate gift giving.


 - Corporate gift giving should never be used to compensate

clients or employees for less than expected wages or services.


 - Corporate gift giving should not be a personal gift, as this

tends to offend some clients or employees.


 - Corporate gift giving should comply with your company's

budget.  Do not go overboard and buy gifts that you cannot afford

or try and save money by purchasing gifts that are "cheap" like

ink pens or toys that last about one hour.


 - Corporate gift giving should make recipients feel good about

their accomplishments.  Give gifts that cost about the same price

across the board.


 - If your company uses corporate gift giving as a holiday gift,

make sure to check the recipient's religious or cultural



 -  If you prefer to give corporate gifts in person, you should

always check the recipients schedule to ensure that you are

coming at a good time for them.


Gifts are available for all budget ranges from free coupons for

an electronic download (like an ebook) to practically any dollar

amount you want to budget.  So when you are looking for ways

to show your appreciation and support, reach out with a gift. A

place to bookmark is the Gift-Gallery at

for no-cost registration to great gift ideas and more...







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