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How to Improve Emergency Situations With

Affordable Emergency Monitoring Systems


Elderly Healthcare Alert Report - It’s no secret that the aging

population is on an increase. And it’s no secret that more adult

children will be facing the challenges of caring for their

elderly relatives, many of whom live in fear of living alone

safely. What is a mystery to some, though, is that as aging

issues become more a part of everyday life, what is being done

to help? And what can be done?


So far, many leave safety up to the elderly themselves. However,

this posses many challenges. For example, take into account

three recent news cases.


FALLS - The first involved a 90-year-old woman found dead

outside her home, at the bottom of a rock wall. Her nephew found

her, and surmised that she had probably gone out looking for her

cat in the evening and fallen, as her glasses were lying atop

the wall. And unfortunately temperatures had dropped into single

digits that night.


CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING - In the second case, ‘Weird Al’

Yankovic found his parents dead in their California home due to

carbon monoxide poisoning. His dad was found in a chair, mother

in on the bathroom floor, a wood fire had been recently going,

the flue found closed.


FIRE - And in the third case, an 89-year-old man was found dead

amidst a house fire in San Diego. He was known to often smoke

cigars while relaxing in the part of the house were he was



In many cases, like the three above, home safety systems may

have been able to prevent early deaths


"Home safety systems are a great low cost option for families to

consider,” said Steve Rowin, owner of Widescope security

systems. “They preserve the independence that seniors want while

providing safety and peace of mind for their family."


Widescope Security Systems provides the G.E. Caregard home

safety system nationwide. And with the U.S. population age 65

and over expected to double in size within the next 25 years, as

reported by the U.S. Census Bureau ( 2005),

that’s important. In fact that translates to 1-out-of-5

Americans — or approximately 72 million people — aging by 2030

and in possible need of help in emergency situations, but not

getting it. Especially for those aged 85 and older, the fastest

growing segment of the U.S. population, life threatening

situations need to be taken more seriously.



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