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Summarize your needs below in the spaces provided and return it to max: 1-2 pages in length ONLY of your info added to ours below (that’s a total of 3 pages max of this document to email back). DO NOT attach or link or in any other way try to supply us with something like a huge 24-page single-spaced manual in 8-pt. font with your company guidelines. There are pre-paid reading fees for those type requests and they MUST be approved beforehand.


Free Quote Info – Note that only one quote, presented with the info provided above in accordance with these guidelines, is offered at no cost. Further quotes carry fees, depending upon the scope of the work needed to develop the quote. This includes once a quote is given and should you decide to add something like a 24-page document, single spaced 8-pt font, of guidelines or necessary instructions once we have already quoted you (i.e. add this in afterwards and there is a pre-paid reading fee needed before we'll even accept the info on this end). Past & present clients may be exempt: ask first.


Return Info Todiana@ohiohelp.net or db@movingaheadcommunications.com . If trouble with emailing occurs, call: (614) 529-9459. Thanks in advance.

Quote or Bid Form


(a) Complete Contact Name and Info (give alternative to free email addresses): include phone and mailing address


(b) What is your project about in a nutshell & how can we help:

(c) What type of info will you supply for us to work with or will you supply nothing (no ebooks for research info, etc.)?

(d) Your Deadline:

(e) Your project budget range:

(f) Preferred meeting time ranges (& place, if local), if one is needed (see note below):


Meeting Note: Skype / IM / IN-Person / Phone / etc. – For local people requesting an in-person meeting and for those requesting a Skype or IM, phone or other meeting: there is a min. non-refundable fee for a meeting that must be scheduled and paid for in advance. The fee can be applied to the project once an agreement is reached; however, should further work not continue for whatever reason, the meeting fee is non-refundable to cover the meeting (time, prep work, etc) costs. Check in advance for fee amount.

For past and present clients, there may be exceptions to the information above; you're welcome to inquire beforehand.