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By Stephen J. Kaufmann, J.D., MBA, CLU, ChFC, CPCU, FLMI, CEPP

Attorney at Law, Former Virginia Deputy Commissioner of Insurance

Dean of Studies, Estate Planning Institute

And Bonnie L. Kaufmann, CEPP


Professional Designations Enhance Career Success

CEPP Designation Can be Earned in Three Week-Ends


Professionals with designations stand out in the crowd and are sought after by the educated consumer and more and more potential clients. Earning study program designations translates to having a more highly successful and prosperous career.


Who would you prefer to work with when it comes to your life savings?  A financial or insurance professional with no designations or a professional that has taken the time to investment to learn and achieve more knowledge and strive to keep up to date?  Designations are a symbol of commitment and professionalism. There are many other rewards for education beyond state CE compliance.  Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner CEPP program is one program that advisors are finding they can enroll in and complete in a reasonable amount of time and expect to achieve training to help them prepare with a E&O and compliance perspective in their estate planning services to the public. As more clients are seeking quality and comprehensive service on the part of insurance and financial service representatives in today's ever changing and highly complex industry, professional designations will clearly separate the successful agent from the masses.


With rapidly changing products, markets, laws, compliance rules and regulations that differ in each state and with different products it is imperative that one always seek due diligence research before advising clients. Especially with products such as long term care and special annuities for seniors involving sophisticated strategies where a mistake could result in the difference between financial security and ruin, it is critically important that the agent of the 21st century servicing these clients be thoroughly knowledgeable, dedicated, committed and competent with assessment thoroughness and not just trying to make the sale.


The mission of the Estate Planning Institute, for example, which offers the Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner (CEPP) professional designation is to help advisors that want training and are limited on time. CEPP study program focuses on the importance of striving to protect America's assets, one family at a time; why it is wise to avoid packaged trust programs.  Every legal, financial and insurance professional today needs help towards avoiding errors and omissions and compliance mistakes.  Due diligence and proper research, doing deep and broad assessments and compliance discipline has to be on the top of your mind with every transaction and not the sale.


Educating others as well as the public is also an important step for proper professional services. CEPP professionals of the Estate Planning Institute are encouraged to invest the time in their community and provide education, support and services working with other professionals and not alone in conducting public workshops and professional services.  The Estate Planning Institute believes this approach helps to raise the standards of proper and essential estate planning and better market conduct to help build and protect, an estate planning practice as a CEPP Practitioner in the 21st Century.


CEPP study program does not require many months to complete. The CEPP designation was designed for professionals seeking more fast track training that can provide immediate results towards helping them obtain important and substantial education that can help them reduce and avoid costly compliance, E&O, and legal problems. Each of the three CEPP segments can be completed in a weekend – allowing the online self-study program to be accomplished within a month or at your own pace.


The CEPP designation, or the CLU or ChFC other excellent professional designation programs can be a first step or an additional step towards estate planning excellence for you and your clients.  Not all designation programs are alike – some are more advanced and in depth and CEPP for example is not as deep as it is broad to help you understand the areas of legal and financial exposures and market conduct, E&O and due diligence importance. Other programs such as the CLU and ChFC provide more technical and in-depth training. If you are experienced and need estate planning focus and are serious about an estate planning career – CEPP is a good program to help you prepare and protect your practice while learning a broader perspective of proper and essential estate planning for seniors needs in the 21st century


The CEPP program described as the ‘ultimate online learning experience’ is designed for insurance life/health and property/casualty, securities, financial, banking, accounting, legal and other professionals that advise people on legal and/or financial matters. CEPP professionals are encouraged and trained towards dedicating their career towards raising the standards for proper legal & financial ‑ insurance, retirement, long term care and estate planning counsel, practices and services and always working with a team of professionals.


If you are serious about increasing your income and seeking ways to work smarter for a greater result of productivity with less time – and want to gain more prestige and satisfied clients that also bring more referrals that helps to build your reputation and respect in your community and have far more successful sales closings – a designation study program should be your first step.  CEPP can be a very good investment for anyone in the business, experienced or new in the business.  Everyone can benefit from a better understanding the importance of due diligence, working with a team of professionals, understanding compliance issues, market conduct and how to properly present and offer your services as an estate planning practitioner with our changing financial and legal environment in the 21st century.


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A CEPP Professional  - working with legal and financial professionals can help to assess and address your personal exposures. Take the free Online Quiz at:  and see if your financial and retirement planning works for you and your loved ones rather than against you for asset protection, financial liberty and life style freedom with proper estate planning.


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