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The Easiest Way to Hit a Goal Is to Give Yourself One to Hit


It seems as though so many people are seeking more, wanting more,

and expecting more in their lives, yet when pressed about what

“more” would look like, rarely can they give a definitive answer.


They say things like, “I want to be happy,” or “I want to be

rich,” or “I want the perfect mate.” To be honest, as wonderful

as those statements are, they’re far too vague to ever be



What does happiness look and feel like? What’s your definition of

rich? How would you describe that perfect mate? Each of us has a

different interpretation of what those things mean.


For example, I define happiness as having the freedom to do what

I please, when I please to do it. Being rich means having tens of

millions of dollars in the bank, and that perfect mate has movie

actress charm and the heart of Mother Teresa.


To you, however, these descriptions could be way off course. For

you, happiness could mean taking a long-needed vacation. Being

rich could mean not having to struggle to make ends meet. Your

perfect mate might be the one beside you all along.


The point is, we all need to define our goals, and most

important, what they would look like if we saw them. Once we do

that, the rest becomes easy. Once we know what we’re seeking,

it’s simple to devise a plan to make it happen.


By saying, “I want to be happy, and that means taking that trip,”

all you now have to do is get out your calendar, circle the date

you want to go, get some brochures on the desired destination,

and then plan a course of ACTION to make your dream come true.

You might do it by asking your boss to take $50 a week out of

your paycheck and save it toward the vacation. Or you might want

to work an extra job to gain some additional cash.


You see, once you have your vision, you can create ways to make

it happen because . . .


The easiest way to hit a goal is to give yourself one to hit.


Keep Smilin' !




By: Keynote Speaker Gregory Scott Reid

Speaker and two-time #1 best-selling author,

The Millionaire Mentor and Wake Up: Live the Life You Love