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10 Ways to Increase Your Traffic And Sales

With eBooks


Wouldn’t it be great to boost your income?

Here are some quick tips to bring more visitors to

your website – and increase sales opportunities.


1. Offer goodies! People love to get free stuff.

And a free eBook is perfect. Add some to your

site and visitors will drop by to get your free

valuable information. For free ones and new

monthly ebooks to freshen up your site, learn

from and sell, check out the wholesale site at



2. Give away the full version of your eBook in

exchange for testimonials. You can use these

customer statements to improve your 




3. Spruce up your credentials. When you write

and give away a free eBook, you will become

known as an expert. This will help people to

trust you and try your main product or

service quicker.



4. Publish your web site in eBook format. Put the

eBook on a disk or CD-ROM then include it

with your direct mail packages. This can increase

the number of people who buy your product or




5. Offer your eBook as a free bonus for buying

one of your main products or services. People

will buy the product or service more often when

you offer a free bonus. For more monthly eBooks

to offer as well as hosting, help and a whole lot more,

check out a membership site like 



6. Allow people to download your eBook for

free, if they give the e-mail addresses of 3 to 5

friends or associates that would be interested in

your eBook. This will quickly build your e-mail




7. Create a directory of web sites in eBook form.

List web sites in the directory of companies and

people who agree to advertise the eBook on their

web sites or in their e-zines. This will give them

incentive to give away or advertise your eBook.



8. Allow other people to give away your free

eBook. This will increase the number of people

who will see your ad in the eBook. You could

also include a mini catalog of all your products or

services that you offer in the eBook.



9. Gain new leads by having people sign up and

give you their contact information before they can

download your eBook. This is a very effective

way to conduct market research.



10. Make money selling advertising space in your

eBook. You could charge for full-page color ads,

classified ads or banners ads. You could also

trade advertising space in your eBook for other

forms of advertising.


So take action! Choose one or more of the tips

above now, save the rest for the months ahead.

To help with your eBook operations, help yourself

to a 30-Day Trial of autoresponders, online forms,

shopping cart set up, merchant account, digital

secure delivery and much more at . Enjoy!



By Diana Barnum, president of   and CEO of . For more help with eBooks, marketing, public

relations and writing, email  

or call: (614)529-9459.