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Celebrity Designer Launches Fall 2006 Collection

At Magic International


San Diego, CA – Mui Fina, a San Diego fashion company, will

launch their new line of menswear fashions for Fall 2006 at the

MAGIC International buyers show this month from February 21-24.

They have a revolutionary new design in men’s dress shirts

called the original ‘woven- collar’ shirt.


“You weave the tie through slits in the collar to show off more

of those expensive ties and create a personalized look of

individuality and style,” said Mui Fina President Kimberly Mac,

couture designer and designer to the celebrities.  “This is one

of the most stylish and sophisticated lines offering men

individuality with class for their wardrobe.”


 The MAGIC Marketplace is one of the most influential weeks in

the fashion industry. It is an incredible market where in four

days 3,500 men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and

accessories’ companies, representing 5,000 brands and 20,000

product lines, premiere their latest collections.


An all-encompassing preview of the season’s offerings, the MAGIC

Marketplace features entire collections, exciting launches and

undiscovered trends in men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and

accessories. No other market offers thousands of resources at

one highly focused, comprehensive event.


Mui Fina is also launching a collection of fashionably creative

men’s dress pants, sport coats, silk ties, and jeans. Some of

the most coveted names in the music industry, especially Carlos

Santana, raved about Mui Fina Original Couture at the American

Music Awards and are seen wearing Mui Fina. 



Mui Fina Original Couture


Mui Fina Original Couture is a collection of fine men’s clothing

that is constantly challenging the boundaries of fashion.  Mui

Fina began as an inspiration of Gregory Scott Reid, CEO, who

desired to see something new in men’s fashion for the first time

in decades.  Mr. Reid would wear his typical shirt/tie/suit

combination to the office/special occasions and questioned why

he was spending exorbitant amounts of money on his ties that he

could not show off.


He teamed up with Haute Couture Fashion Designer, Kimberly Mac,

President and Designer, who has over a decade of experience in

the fashion world where she had her own atelier, creating

original custom designs for her own collection and for private




Mui Fina, Incorporated


The Mui Fina Corporation is an originator of unique fashions,

who sets trends instead of follows them. Their goal, mission and

direction is to change the look of men’s fashion.


For the most part, men’s apparel has been unchanged for decades

and more importantly, unchallenged.  The purpose of Mui Fina as

a company is to introduce the most creative and innovative

designs, offering to those who desire it, the opportunity to

separate themselves from the 95% who only dream of

individuality and the 5% who actually live it.


Muy Fina, Incorporated is based in San Diego, California.

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