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Become A Mentor!


Golden Wisdom from the Golden Years


You’ve heard the saying a thousand times: “If I knew then what I

know now.”


Can you imagine how different your life would be if you’d

possessed all the knowledge you have today at an earlier time?

Perhaps it’s impossible to turn back the hands of time, but it’s

not impossible to pass along the wisdom you’ve gained so others

can benefit from it.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Gregory Scott Reid, a.k.a.

The Millionaire Mentor.


Many people assume that, with a nickname such as this, it would

be my personal goal and mission on this planet to mentor folks to

become millionaires. Although that would be a great quest, I’ve

focused my intentions in a different direction.


The fact is, I’ve been blessed to mentor inner-city kid’s right

here in my hometown of San Diego, and I’ve been fortunate enough

to find financial success along the way. As my involvement with

the community grew, the nickname was born.  With this badge of

honor, I was inspired to write the international number one

best-selling book by the same title, which now reaches out to

people of all generations as a guide toward living their ultimate

dream and finding their passion.


Why do I share this information with you?  Many people think they

need unlimited success and knowledge, or they have to be

Aristotle or some other brilliant philosopher, before they can

become a mentor or share their messages with those in need.


At least, that’s what I thought. However, as I found out, this

could not be further from reality.


All it takes to become a guiding force and beacon of hope is a

genuine concern for other people’s success, no matter how they

may define it. Remember the golden rule of “treat people the way

you want to be treated”? Personally, I think it’s a fable. The

true secret to helping and reaching others is to simply treat

them the way they want to be treated.


This is because we all have different goals and dreams. What may

be important to you might be the last thing on the list for

someone else.


In fact, the way I have created a life of abundance for myself is

by living this principal in the corporate arena, simply stated it

is -


  “Mentoring your way to Millions”


 It works like this -


Say you had a receptionist - we’ll call her Nancy -

and she wants to go back to school to study nursing. She tells

you her goal during the one-on-one orientation meeting you have

with every new staff member, the meeting where you ask, “If you

could have anything you want out of life, what would it be?”


Then, once she's shared it with you, congratulate her on a great

choice of career paths, and tell her you’re going to help make

her dream a reality. Now, Nancy is no fool. (Of course not! You

don’t hire fools!) She may ask why you would support her in

something that will eventually cause her to leave your



Tell her she’s a valuable employee and you’ll be sorry to see

her go one day.  But you realize that by helping her achieve her

true goal in life, you make it easy for her to give 100 percent the

entire time she's working for you, and assist in replacing

herself when it comes time to move on.


Imagine Nancy’s excitement when, a few days later, you show a

genuine interest in her goal by giving her a variety of brochures

from local nursing academies - brochures you requested on her

behalf. We then tell her she can take a few minutes each day on

the company phone to contact the schools and set up a class

schedule that works for her.


 Now here is where the true "Mentoring" comes in.


Take a moment to share with her, (your) experiences with change.

Reflect on how you felt, the fears you faced, when you gave up

your job to start the company she works for now. Detail how you

overcame obstacles and shut out the noise of the "nay sayers" who

told you all the reasons why your idea was crazy and you should

forget about it.


Let her know you’re there to act as a positive support, a

constant reminder that she can achieve her dream. Reinforce the

message that if and when she needs guidance, encouragement, or a

shoulder to lean on during her transition, she can count on you!


Consider how great Nancy will feel walking into the office each

day, knowing that at the end of regular business hours she’ll be

heading right toward her life’s goal: to become a nurse and help

others. How will she answer your company phone from that day



What do you suppose her tone of voice and enthusiasm level will

be when someone asks her about the place where she works?


Think of the terrific first impression she’ll make on the job

applicants and potential customers who walk through the front

door every day!


 It paints a really pretty picture, doesn’t it?


"Mentoring your way to Millions" is a win-win proposition. Let’s

face it, the more you help others identify and pursue their

dreams, the greater support and backing you get from them in



 As you read this, know that there’s someone out there waiting to

hear about your story and gain insight from your past, someone

who could truly be inspired by what you have to share. They are

probably experiencing the same exact things you went  through,

and could benefit from your wisdom, but don’t know whom to ask,

and the reward you will feel from sharing your insights is worth

a million in itself.


So, here’s my suggestion, along with a call to action:  Make it

a mission to help others. Become a mentor, and reach out to those

who want to hear your message.


Join AARP or any other organization that lets you call on people

and offer your services.


Here are some great organizations that would love your help.


Partners Mentorship program (619) 584-5797


Big Brothers, Big Sisters (858) 536-4900


Can you imagine how wonderful it would have been if someone had

reached out a helping hand when you needed it most?


Or better yet, perhaps someone did at one time of your life;

isn’t that a great memory for you?


Right now, at this moment, you have the same ability to make a



Will you do it? I challenge you.


You know you want to, so take that action and get out there and

make a difference.


Someone is waiting to hear from you.


To sweeten the pot, and remove any excuses, at the end of this

letter, you’ll find my personal e-mail and phone number. When

you’re ready and willing to take on this challenge, contact me

and I’ll even assist you in finding someone to help.


Why do I offer this? It’s simple, really. I’m the most selfish

person you’ll ever meet. And I want YOU to be selfish too.


The joy received from watching others prosper and find that spark

of hope is priceless.  Now it’s your opportunity to enjoy this

'selfish' wealth, because when it's all said and done...


“The greatest success you’ll know is helping others succeed and



Best wishes, and whatever you do-


Keep Smilin',


- 30 -


By: Keynote Speaker Gregory Scott Reid

Speaker and two-time #1 best-selling author,

The Millionaire Mentor and Wake Up: Live the Life You Love