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How to Look Like a Million Without Spending It:

Links Between Fashion and Finance


Haute couture might well be the defining link for high finance.

Both are in the realms of the most exclusive players in the

industry and the world. And both are only valuable until they

become too fashionable. At that point, designers and financiers

have to close up, recreate or move on.


Have you ever noticed how when a stock becomes popular it rises

quickly but suddenly plummets? How about fashion? Have you seen

designers who were once considered haute couture begin to lose

money because they became fashionable for the masses? Both

theories are important, but they also mean that being successful

in both finance and fashion doesn’t have to break the bank.


How can you invest without breaking the bank?


In the world of finance, taking a risk by deciding on the next

big thing and then having it actually ‘become’ the next big

thing, can sometimes make you a fortune. At the same time, you

may not have the funds to invest in a theory or dream. So, you

can go in, choose what’s popular just as it becomes popular, and

draw out when you stop making money on the investment. So if you

can’t be high finance just yet, at least you can try to mimic it

until you can.


In the same way, fashion design, especially haute couture, can

cost a fortune. Wearing clothes from the right designers can

automatically give you an air of having everything under control

and being in charge of your world. However, if you can’t afford

your Armani suit just yet, you can buy a tie or handbag from

Gucci. Then with the air of success that you will be emanating,

there is little doubt that the Armani suit will be just around

the corner.


What about fashion and finance in the business world?


“Be Bold. Be Noticed. Be You,” said Gregory Scott Reid, the

Millionaire Mentor, well-known speaker and three-time #1

best-selling author.


California native, Reid created this unique design when he

realized that Men's fashion was primarily left unchanged. Each

day he typically wore his shirt/tie/suit combination to the

office and for special occasions. However, he questioned why he

was spending exorbitant amounts of money on wonderful ties that

he couldn't show off.


That is where his inspiration began. Reid teamed up with Haute

Couture Fashion Designer, Kimberly Mac. Together they were able

to take Reid’s idea of cutting ‘slits’ into one of his dress

shirts, and “weave” a tie through it, enabling people to not only

show off more of the tie, but also creating an original look that

was long overdue in men’s fashion.


Original, first ever, never available before, Reid’s shirts

feature double pearl button cuffs and superior quality fabric in

Jarkarta White, Skyline Blue and Midnight Black. This woven

collar shirt, as seen in GQ, Ebony, FHM, SkyMall,  Washington

Post,  944, Skope and across the globe, comes to you from Mui

Fina at .


In conclusion, nearly everything is about sex and power in

finance and fashion. If you wear the right things and make the

right investments, sex appeal and power will both be yours.

Winning the lottery isn’t necessarily as wonderful as being a

brilliant investor while a Gucci tie isn’t as impressive as an

Armani suit. But either way, you’re heading in the right

direction. If you are a lottery winner perhaps you’ll gather both

the power and sex appeal later by becoming the brilliant investor

of everyone’s dreams. More information can be found at  and at




By Diana Barnum is a correspondent for Savvy Style News at  . She can be reached at (614) 529-9459

or  . Word count: 661